Monday, May 5, 2008

The Television Turnout

After some serious begging and pleading on my part, I finally managed to convince a ton of you to submit your guesses for the TV Trivia Contest (and subsequently force you to acknowledge the fact that we all know a little too much in this department).

Needless to say, the final results were extremely close and, in the end, the winner was the only one who managed to get 90% of the answers correct.

Congratulations to the winner: Stunning Stacey of South Jersey (who also happens to be today's Profile of a Parent)

As promised, I will devote an entire day to all things Stacey (she may not consider it a reward, but I do) and that will all go down this Friday.

Until then, the answers were as follows:

1) When someone calls your home, does your family erupt into a chorus of, “The phone, the phone is ringing”? THE WONDER PETS

2) When your child is introduced to a Spanish speaker, can they carry on a conversation so long as it involves using a map, a backpack, and climbing a mountain? DORA THE EXPLORER

3) When you head to the beach this summer, will your family’s only means of traveling from the dunes to the water involve rolling? THE WIGGLES

4) If someone were to introduce you to their new friend, would Caillou seem like a perfectly reasonable name for them? CAILLOU

5) When visiting a farm, do you expect to hear the voice of Mel Brooks coming from any or all of the sheep? JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLY WINKS (A lot of you chose Back at the Barnyard -which I had never heard of - and so I did some research. Mel Brooks does not offer any voice overs, but Wanda Sykes apparently serves as the voice of Bessy the Cow)

6) Have you ever been at the deli line and, after finding that your ticket number was number 9, remarked, “Hey, that’s the number of the day”. SESAME STREET

7) Have you ever accused your car (or any other mode of transportation) of being cheeky? THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE (many of you went for Charlie & Lola, but that doesn't have to do with transportation)

8) Do you find yourself spending more than a little time wondering how two engaging, brother and sister rabbits can lead such fulfilled lives while never ever producing any evidence of parents? MAX AND RUBY

9) Even though you’d publicly denigrate the show for its nonsensical contribution to childrens television, does a laughing baby framed in the sun make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? TELETUBBIES

10) Would a check of your iTunes file unearth the song “There’s a Party in my Tummy (So Yummy, So Yummy)? YO GABBA GABBA

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