Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Picture Party: A Follow-Up

As I had previously posted, our Picture Party went surpisingly well. Given the obvious fact that any gathering that places nine children (all 3 years of age and under) in a confined space ( house!), you would just have to expect some major meltdowns and the occasional time out.
Since none of that really happened, I will say that the party was definitely a success. What made it even more of a success?
The pictures.

Though the full proofs will not be ready for a few weeks, our obliging (and gifted) photographer has let a few of the pictures leak so that we can have something to see while we anxiously await the results.

The one above is among the leaked pictures, but if you are curious to see more, check out the follwing link to Shirley Magilton's blog site, where she posted a bunch:

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Shirley Magilton said...

I have a contest posted on my blog. Check it out!

BTW- You were a great host and your guest were awesome!

Thanks C!