Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Capricious Kids

My daughter loves to change her mind.

The first battlefield where this is most evident is the dinner table. Getting her to eat anything other than breakfast is a daily battle that usually ends with either threats, deal making, or one or both of us crying.

When she first started out, she ate everything. From guacamole to tuna casserole, the kid could put it away.

But now....not so much. Though she does have her favorites, those favorites are determined by whatever way the wind happens to be blowing. Chicken nuggets, oatmeal, and spaghetti are usually digestable by her standards, but on any given day she may utter one of her favorite phrases, "No thanks", and thus begins the battle.

A reliable standard is a popular dish for most kids: good ol' Mac & Cheese.

But today....not so much. Why?

Because the wind is blowing from the East. Because she doesn't particularly like the color yellow today. Or because the cheese is too gooey, slippery, or not her favorite shade of yellow.

Even though I've been one for 32 years, I am just now beginning to understand women.

How did I resolve today's altercation?

I took the Mac & Cheese and put it in the big elephant cup she got from the Circus. That's right, the same one I questioned her father about when he admitted he forked over $11 for a plastic elephant filled with water ice.

And she ate it.

All of it.

Another example of her caprice would be today's Music Together class. She has always loved going to music class. So much was her love for it that I could usually hold it over her head as a consequence for misbehaving.

But today....not so much. According to her, she no longer likes it and does not wish to go back. Now, I am actually fine with this. We only have one class left in the session and I'd rather avoid another unpleasant class (today was filled with snottiness, lying on the floor, and some pretty risky tricks with an instrument).

So, we won't be going back to the last class....unless, that is, she changes her mind.

Is it to early to have a margarita?

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