Friday, May 9, 2008

Ode to Stacey

As promised, today is Stacey day. Since my dear friend answered all but one of the television trivia questions correctly, I will be spending much of the day posting about her....with a few other little things mixed in.

What better way to begin such a sensational day than with a poem?

S to the Tacey

I first met Stacey at Music Together,
She had a little girl and was wearing no leather,
I thought she sure seems normal, she sure seems nice,
And with few mommy friends, she'd thought I'd suffice.

I learned that she taught in a tough Philly school,
I taught in the Bronx, so we both must be fools,
She loves Elvis, her kids, and her man Tony,
And she's doesn't mind that I feed my kids beefaroni.

We discuss family, philosophy, and American Idol,
The first are profound, and the last is just vital.
But, best of all, she loves Rock of Love,
And, that's how I know she's a great cut above.

She tells the best stories and laughs at my humor,
And "possibly moving" simply must be a rumor,
Because if it's not, I'll just have to tell Tony,
"You'll be moving alone and that ain't no bologna."

So, today is for Stacey, a great friend indeed,
Who is so much more interesting than this poem reads,
But there is more to come on this special blog day,
Though that alone might just make them move away.

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