Friday, October 24, 2008

Breakfast Fun Abounds

If you heard the faint sound of hysterical laughter coming from some unidentifiable source early this morning, it may have been our breakfast table.

Do you know how people throw pieces of popcorn in the air and catch them in their mouths?

Yes, well, my husband was doing that with whole pancakes....much to the delight of his children. Of course, as with any form of kid entertainment, you can never do it just once.

Needless to say, my husband is well starched.

Quote of the Day

"So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip." -Will Smith

Picture of the Day

After a long day of climbing, digging, and inventing new ways to get dirty,
even the little guys need some "me" time.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Property Taxes

Despite the fact that our property taxes are reidonkulously high, I will never complain again.

Thanks to those dolla dollar bills, our township is in the middle of a very involved drainage project replete with backs hoes, bulldozers, and all sorts of heavy equipment...all easily viewed from our front windows.

My son hasn't left the window since Monday.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

A Cease Fire

Having shown my daughter our selection of a very staid, light blue paint, and explained how nicely the particular hue will look with our dark bedroom furniture, the budding decorator is open to a Mommy and Daddy room that is not pink.

Crisis averted. Carry on.

About Saints Day

Since two people inquired as to why All Saints Day is one of the things that engenders the most happiness for me, I figured an explanation was in order.

Though I thought I had already blogged about this, my fine alma mater used to have this fantastic tradition of secretly selecting one spring day to cancel all classes, bring in a ton of carnival like festivities (a la Grease...without the fun kids can't be trusted), and even a pretty esteemable band and declare a campus wide holiday known as Saints Day.

No one knew about it, professors nor students, and trying to figure out which day in May it might be was almost as fun as the day itself. Saints Day would typically be declared by the playing of bagpipes throughout the campus and everything went crazy from there on out.

A great traditition, indeed.

So great, in fact, two alums who happened to find themselves married, keep the tradition alive by randomly declaring Saints Days in their own home. Daddy will throw aside his ties, Mommy will pretend everyone is still asleep even if a little 3 year old is jumping on her head, and the day will be a random holiday with not pressing itinerary.

Feel free to steal our tradition for your own family....a veritable snow day for the grown ups.

Quote of the Day

"The first and finest lesson that parents can teach their children is faith and courage." -Smiley Blanton

Picture of the Day

The Best Kid Costume I've Seen: Connor as Dracula

(and the little cow is pretty stinkin' cute too)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

South Jersey (and beyond) Livin'

Exciting news from the Philadelphia Zoo

On Saturday, October 25, the Zoo will debut its newest attraction – the Amazon Rainforest Carousel. Located just outside the Treehouse, this enchanting hand-carved, hand-painted carousel is the first of its kind in the United States featuring endangered species found within the Amazon Rainforest. The all-wooden Carousel includes 30 bird, reptile, mammal and amphibian "seats,” as well as two spinning snake chariots. Carousel tickets are $3.00 per seated rider.

And by popular demand, Boo at the Zoo has been expanded to a two-day event.

Saturday, October 25 and Sunday, October 26
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Included with Zoo admission; free for Zoo members!

It's a costume party for the entire family! Come out and enjoy plenty of treats and sweets as you stroll throughout the Zoo. Storytelling, games and music make Boo at the Zoo one of Philadelphia's most festive Halloween destinations.

Sometimes Being A Follower is Good

One of the new "gadgets" available to bloggers is the inclusion of a list of "Followers", reflecting who regularly reads the blog. You can join with your name and picture (see Amanda-in the trenches stage right), or you can become an anonymous follower and maintain your credibility as someone with good blogging taste.

Regardless, of your choice, you can let us know who may be reading and maybe even who is posting those fabulous comments that ABSOLUTELY crack me up and make my day.

Finally, if you become a "Follower" I promise not to unnecessarily target you on the blog (though I have no problem rationalizing necessity).


A Maid who hasn't been milking for some time now.

The Votes Have Been in for Some Time

Yes, I have been neglecting our recent vote since I am so shocked that such a great majority would have their children stumble instead of endure the occasional pimple. I'm guessing this outcome has more to do with the already difficult times provided by puberty and less to do with the physical annoyance.

I hate pimples, but nothing feels worse in my heart than seeing them fall, their little faces crumble with tears, and the ever present feelings of guilt over how I may have prevented the latest disaster.

I am guessing, however, that the inevitable heartache caused by teen rejection, bullying, and ostracism will feel a lot worse when I have to witness that as well. For that reason, maybe I'll hate pimples even more.

On to the next vote....of less serious consequence...hehehe.

BTW.....Only one challenge has been submitted....if I don't get some soon, I am going to turn to my list of Tastefully Simple invitees who failed to attend and exact that revenge I promised: making up fake political statements with your name on it.

Therefore, in 100 words or less, send a brief argument as to whom you're voting for and why to:

A Little Grumpy

My daughter is less than pleased with me at the moment.

Though she has not issued an official "silent treatment" (I think she's actually physically incapable of that....a lovely gene surely inherited from her mother), there has been quite a lot of sighing after our very serious lunchtime conference.

Despite much campaigning on her part, I had to break some serious news to my hopeful little miss: Daddy and I have decided not to go with pink as our bedroom color.

And, yes, she did tell me how much that news "hurt her feelins'".

Quick Question:

What is the best Halloween costume you've ever seen on a child?

I've witnessed quite a few, including my own O's masterpiece from last year (a flamingo) and Connor as Dracula (please, please, please send that picture to me, Margaret).

Anyway, if you have a great one (especially a picture of it) send it my way at:

An Update

5 Things I Hate:

5) Grudges, silent treatments, and other high school tricks carried out by adults

4) Saying something I made myself promise I wouldn't

3) Feeling like I might miss something

2) Fruit flies

1) How far Virginia is from New Jersey

5 Things I Love:

5) The perfect lines from a vacuum (or lawn mower)

4) Positive feedback from a client

3) How my kids smell right after a bath

2) Hearing my kids laugh at each other

1) Saint's Day

Quote of the Day

"Children aren`t happy without something to ignore, and that`s what parents were created for." -Ogden Nash

Picture of the Day

The First Hair Cut:
Fun, distracting police car chair: CHECK
Perfectly positioned, distracting movie: CHECK
Little sister distracting with constant peek-a-boos: CHECK
"The little boy" haircut that makes his 95% head look, er, 100%: CHECK

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The New Revolution

A few months ago, I blogged about some concerns I had over my darling daughter and the influence of the morally questionable, Ms. Hannigan.

She was repeating innuendos, threatening to "kill, kill, kill!", and, had a not pretended to lose the Annie DVD, pretty close to mixing gin during her tubby time. After the phase worked itself out, however, I patted myself on the back for guiding my daughter through the onslaught of objectionable material and was more than prepared to declare victory in the battle of Innocence Preservation.

And then there was Happy Feet. If you have yet to watch this animated gem, you really must make the time. The soundtrack is fantastic, the one liners hysterical, and the whole movie is further evidence that these family films are as much for the adults as they are the kids.

Or, maybe too adult.

Thanks to the incorporation of a certain Prince song, my daughter is now walking around the house singing:

"You don't have to be turn me on........OW.......I just need your body baby.....HELLO.......from dusk til dawn".

Her dad is securing the bars on her bedroom window presently.

The Devil Went Down to Jersey

I love to poke fun at my obnoxiously svelte crony, Susan, and suggest that the reason she would've looked so much better in a bikini 2 days post partum than me, well, EVER, is because she made some kind of deal with the devil.

I'm kidding about that....I think.

Anyway, the truth of the matter is that she knows everything about fitness, nutrition, and being an exhausted mother (and how the latter tends to work against the former two). Needless to say, she is officially a licensed trainer and is launching her business for anyone who may be in need. She is, of course, my good friend, but she is also motivating without being psycho, compassionate without being a pushover, and completely aware of how hard it is for moms to put themselves first.

With this in mind, she tailors workouts for you in the comfort of your own home. Not only that, just when that new excitement wears off when things start to get tough, she returns to change everything up on you....which keeps you on your toes....and in your smallest clothes.
If you are interested and live in the Greater Philadelphia Area, call Susan at (856) 472-2225, or email her at:
And please tell her the Devil referred you.....
Where else do you think I got all these freckles???

A Challenge....I Think

So I've been a kicking around an idea for some time now related to the election. As it were, I sometimes get so caught up in the "epicness" of it, that I just want to shout at people I see on the news and news programs.

Then I find myself judging others, weighing my own fundamentals, and feeling confused all the same.

So here it is....since I always wanted this to be a forum for parents to share silly stories and serious concerns, I must face the fact that (as much as I want to avoid delving into the present political drama that is completely inescapable) this election has a great deal to do with our children and their future.

THE CHALLENGE: Realizing that everyone is busy and that writing isn't fun for everyone, I am proposing a challenge for any one who may read this. TELL ME in 100 words or less (not easy) why you are choosing your respective candidate for the next presidency of the United States. This can be completely anonymous, so long as it is completely sincere.

I know this may turn into a whole lot of nothing, or something more enlightening than I'd hope.

Either way....that's the challenge. Send it to me at and all names will be withheld.

Oh, and let me know if, at any point, this election has caused you to bang your head against anything....just so I know I'm not alone.


The Management

Quote of the Day

"I felt something impossible for me to explain in words. Then when they took her away, it hit me. I got scared all over again and began to feel giddy. Then it came to me — I was a father." --Nat King Cole

Picture of the Day

As a Godfather, he made him an offer he couldn't refuse....
(notice which one got the sippy cup)
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Funny

Now, I realize everyone is abuzz about the whole Sarah Palin appearance on SNL, which was entertaining (especially when the moose gets gunned down), but I actually enjoyed the Mark Wahlberg sketches so much more.

Below is his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live, which, of course, set up his SNL sketch on Saturday night.

Guess Who?

Muy bien, Fernando! The Guess Who for last week was none other than Jamie Donnelly, whose famous role came as Jan from the movie version of Grease.

Brusha, brusha, brusha.

Quote of the Day

"We've had bad luck with our kids--they've all grown up." -Christopher Morley

Picture of the Day

Working what her mother gave her:
no shame.

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