Monday, May 5, 2008

The Latest Poll

Last Friday I admitted to a bit of slogging (slacking on my blogging), which had more to do with overscheduling myself than any real slothfulness.

A fallout victim of my negligence was the weekly vote, which is a close sister to last week's vote.

If you are a parent who is infamiliar with the movies of the 80s, one of the following is probably the case:

1) You are a very, very young mother.

2) You are a mother of many, many children and the 80s were really just a blur.

3) You were a little too carefree with the Aquanet, or you delighted too much in the tasty treats of the Easy Bake oven: both of which surely left you with a sizeable brain cloud.

4) "Safety Dance" or "Papa Don't Preach" is blaring from your under-the-cabinet kitchen radio and you really can't think clearly.

5) Given your refusal to give up leg warmers, jellies, banan clips, and flourescent clothing, you believe we are all still living in the 80s.

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