Friday, April 18, 2008

Summertime and the Livin's Easy....

Today marked the first really warm day of the year and nothing but a picnic in the backyard could make it feel more welcome (and convince it to stay for a while).

So as our eyes and imaginations turn to summer, let us welcome:

  • chasing butterflies and fireflies

  • enjoying a cool nap after a hot day at the park

  • listening for the ice cream truck
  • smelling that salty shore air

  • sitting on your deck without any care of what the house looks like inside

  • running through sprinklers

  • watering the plants

  • getting absolutely, unapologetically dirty

  • talking to neighbors who've been hibernating all year

  • watching the fireworks

  • tasting water ice and ice cream

  • late day sunshine

  • barbecues
  • picking peaches and blueberries

And knowing that there is nothing better than rediscovering the joys of warm weather through the eyes of our children.

Please let me know if I forgot anything through the Comment section...I know the list should be longer!

The Week in Review

The Top 7 Things I Learned This Week

7) Snow White may be pure as the driven snow, but when competition heats up at a princess pageant, she may drift....*

6) With the weather getting warmer, it really doesn't matter what the runways in New York, Paris, and Milan dictate...according to the runways of suburban America (e.g. the aisles at the grocery store), capris are in and they are SPECTACULAR.

5) When people discuss the beauty of motherhood, they really are not talking about my hair.

4) We may all be annoyed by parents who are constantly touting their children's accomplishments, but we all secretly believe our own will be the next Second Coming (and we should).

3) If American Idol ever makes me cry again (e.g. the David Cook story), I will give away my television.

2) If I ever decide to take care of the tragedy that is my stomach, thankfully some brain trust out there came up with an inspiring book to help me relate my decision to my concerned children.

1) If you attend Music Together and ever make fun of another parent's dancing, Teacher Linda will actually scold you like the misbehaving student that you are.

** The snow white reference was inspired by one of my favorite quotes by Mae West. She said: "I used to be pure as the driven snow, but then I drifted."

Profile of a Parent

Thanks so much to everyone who has been sending them in!!! I am going to do one a week, so if you don't see yours right away, please know that I'll be posting them as they come in.

Also, one of my favorite profiles was done by one of my favorite young dads. If you are a dad, please feel free to contribute as well....just change the nouns from Mommy to Daddy, as well as the respective pronouns.

Thanks again, and if you haven't sent one in...take a few minutes this weekend to answer the questions and attach your picture.

Too Funny..... I really went back and forth as to whether or not I should post this clip. It is so hysterical, I actually had tears; however, it is NOT for the easily offended. It more than crosses the proverbial line of appropriateness...and, man is it funny.

Some of you may also be asking how I rationalize putting this clip on a blog about motherhood. Easy-- Parenting is a tough job and sometimes a little levity helps keep you sane.

Special thanks to the wonderful Julianne....who obviously shares my deplorable sense of humor.

Enjoy!!! (you'll thank me for this one).

Because, Eventually, The Rhythm is Going to Get You

Since my daughter was 15 months old I have been taking her to a Music Together program at a nearby school. Music Together is a program that originated out of Princeton University and subscribes to the idea that all children are musical. The theory is that by teaching children at a very young age the idea of tone, rhythm, and other music fundamentals, they will not only take on an appreciation for music and be more open to musical instruction, but also enhance their verbal development through the practice of sounds and vocals. Classes meet weekly and incorporate songs, instruments, and movement. Each child get two CDs (one for home and one for the car), which highlights a praticular instrument that serves as the theme for the session.

Though I was well aware of this philsophy when I initially signed her up, my real intention was to meet other moms and kids in our new area, get out of the house, and just have some fun banging bongos. I was successful with all of the above.

Though we do not enroll for every 10 week session, we are still going back to Music Together and Teacher Linda, and each new session reveals my daughter's growing interest in music, song, and dance. Moreover, my young son also seems to enjoy the time as well.

After his birth, I had put off going back to Music until he had a somewhat predictable schedule. By this point, however, I would have to pay for him as well (6 months and over). In truth, I had trouble reconciling the fact that I would have to shell out money for an 8 month old to sit and stare at a bunch of other kids having fun with instruments. However, as the winter months creeped on, I was prepared to pay in renal donations to find something to get us outof the house and stimulated.

Much to my surprise, not only did he love the class, he actually was responding to it. He claps and waves his hands along with the songs. He babbles along to the sound exercises. For 75%, he is pretty engaged, which really makes me a believer in something I had originally just chalked up to a fancy distraction for kids.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a music program, the lovely Liz sent me this article that really breaks down the different programs (e.g. Music Together, Kindermusik, etc):

These programs are available everywhere and are a great way to expose your child to a sensory stimulus that may not otherwise be engaged. I will say that not every child responds the same way, and some have absolutely no interest...which is absolutely normal too. Much like the differences in kids' food preferences, personality, and types of play, music programs are not for everyone. Having said that, know that it often takes a few classes for your child to open up to the program. However, with a little time, most kids will be singing and dancing along with the rest of the class.
"I would be the most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves." -Anna Quindlen

Picture of the Day

As the race to secure the presidential candidacy for the democratic party becomes more intense,

the best presidential candidate for the 2058 election

is becoming more and more apparent.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Beauty of Fatherhood

I have never thought changing soiled diapers was really that big of a deal....but I sure love to watch my husband change a blow out. He coughs, wretches, dry heaves, and entertains me to no end.

For him, and for squeamish fathers everywhere...enjoy this terrific clip. (Oh, and one of the first dads looks exactly like the Silverfox Friel---- foreshadowing?)

Why Children Shouldn't Witness Childbirth

This joke was sent to me by the wonderment that is Susan....very funny.

Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call.

The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen, a 3-yr old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby.

Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked. Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born. The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom and Connor began to cry. The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr-old what she thought about what she had just witnessed.

Kathleen quickly responded, 'He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place! Smack his butt again!'

The Whole World is Going to Hell (or, at least Orange County)

As parents who want the best for our children, we take the time to read to our little ones each day. With books devoted to teaching good behavior, encouraging their imagination, introducing them to letters and numbers, and giving them the sense of the world around them, there is almost no topic not touched on in Childrens literature.

Case in point: the very real and pressing subject of plastic surgery.

Thinking of tucking in that tummy? Feel the need to smooth those wrinkles and lift those brows? Interested in a little lipo?

If you are considering plastic surgery, but hesitate because you are concerned about how you’ll explain the recovery and changed appearance to your child(ren), there is now an answer!

Thanks to the brilliant mind of Dr. Michael Salzhauer, My Beautiful Mommy will be released this Mother’s Day, and offer mothers the opportunity to explain their elective procedure to their little ones.

According to

Before her surgery the mom explains to her little girl that she is getting a
smaller tummy: "You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore. Dr. Michael (the author's homage to himself?) is going to help fix that and make me feel better."

"Mom" comes home looking like a slightly bruised Barbie doll with demure bandages on her nose and around her

The text, unfortunately, doesn't mention the breast augmentation, but
the illustrations intentionally show Mom's breasts to be fuller and higher.
Dr. Michael the author explains, "I tried to skirt that issue in the text
itself. The tummy lends itself to an easy explanation to the children: extra
skin and can't fit into your clothes. The breasts might be a stretch for a

The report also points out that the book doesn't explain exactly why the mother is redoing her nose either. Nonetheless, Mom reassures
her little one that the new nose won't just look "different, my dear—prettier!"

Naturally, the ending is happy. Mommy is "even more" beautiful than before, and her daughter is thrilled.

I have so much to say about this, I am not sure where to begin. I guess I’ll just go with one word:


Good to Know...

According to Parents magazine, the average toddler may need to be introduced 15 times to a new food before they begin to really eat it. Moreover, 79% of parents quit trying well before then.

Foods are funny. My daughter used to live on blueberries. In fact, when she was 1 1/2 , a Tupperware bowl full of blueberries got us through more than a few experiences that required her to sit still for a prolonged period of time. Though this practice usually made for some really interesting diapers, it was my go-to snack whenever she was hungry, and I always felt good about the great benefits of the anti-oxidant rich blueberries.

Now, she rarely shows any interest in them. Likewise, she used to ask for peas as a snack.


Plain peas with no salt, no butter, and only slightly warmed.


But, again, I was happy that the little girl who always battled a full, sit-down meal, would eat such a healthy snack. Flash forward one year and her love of peas has waned a bit. She’ll eat them as a small side at dinner, but she has more fun finding them in the pod then she does putting them in her tummy.

My son, on the other, hand, eats everything I give him. It’s fascinating. He is always operating with both hands as he shovels everything in his mouth…quite an accomplishment for the toothless wonder. My husband refers to him as the “assassin”, since he figuratively kills everything on his plate.

Which leads me to another Parents magazine piece; in an article related to organization and keeping your sanity amidst childhood clutter, the self-proclaimed expert talks about the need to really clean the high chair once a week (as opposed to the regular wipe down).

This “expert” has not met my son, or any other voracious eater who is still practicing hand to mouth coordination. After every dinner meal (they tend to be the messiest) I not only have to wipe his tray down, but peel off his clothes, shop-vac his seat, and send him right to the tub.

Messy….absolutely. But he’s the happiest little guy when his tummy is full and he’s splashing Daddy.

Now if only I could get his sister to eat some real protein other than chicken tenders and meatballs….

Quote of the Day

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." ~Stacia Tauscher

Picture of the Day

The little girl certainly knew that it would be quite a long time before anyone else could fill her daddy's shoes.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If You Are a Fan of American Idol....

Check out the following link.

ABC News did a feature on David Cook that is pretty inspiring...

A cynic would say something like this would ensure his winning the competition.

A realist would say he absolutely deserves it.

The Votes Are In...

This week's vote had to do with the things other parents do that absolutely drives you nuts (aside from blogging). If we are being honest, I am probably guilty of everything on the list at some point in any given week, but that doesn't mean I can't pretend I don't and shake my head in disapproval when I see other parents doing it.

The Results:

The winner by a small margin goes to the parents who believe their children are future Nobel Prize winners, professional athletes, or the future leader of the Free World. In their defense, I hope we all look at our children and see how wonderul they are and believe they are the most amazing kids ever created.

However, to those parents who use it as a symbol of their own worth: stop it.

First, the chances that your child is an actual genius is less than 2%. That's right, before you enroll them in Mensa, consider that their IQ must be above 175 (though, I am not entirely sure what that means). Put it this way, if they are 3 or under, and they can read their favorite book back to you, hold off on calling Harvard, they have a great memory. If they can write the book for you...and translate it into may have some bragging rights on the playground.

More important than their brains, however, is their happiness. Do they enjoy their day? Are they interested by life and the world around them? Are they curious? If so, then that is what you should be shouting from the rooftops. And if you feel the need to talk endlessly about your little one's latest accomplishments, know that that is normal too. Our children are an enormous part of our lives, and we share our lives with loved ones. Just resist the urge to talk only about them, or engage in a competition of sorts with another parent. Share your stories, listen to the stories of others, and encourage your own child's interests without pressure.

And for those of you who think I am somehow clouded by the belief my children are the most fantastic people ever-- I actually do....and hopefully you believe yours are too.

The rest of the voting remained close with second place a tie between the yelling parents and chidlren who'd make Pigpen proud. As for the yelling parents, we all lose our cool and, more often than not, regret losing control when caught in a moment. Though I prefer screaming in a pillow, I have caught myself more than raising my voice when pushed to the limit (e.g. after no naps, feeling exhausted, smelling something strange, hearing "no" for the thousandth time, and then being confronted with the happy task of getting them dressed....a combined recipe for mommy losing her cool). But I just have little tolerance for consistently negative moms who yell, talk about their kids in a derogatory way to other parents while their kids stand by and listen, or the ones that believe they somehow had nothing to do with their child's nerve-racking antics.

And I always wonder, if they are that cruel to their kids in public, imagine what they're like at home.

As for the Pigpens...this is a tough call. I subscribe to the DB perspective of summer, when the quality of a little kid's day as everything to do with how much dirt they've managed to collect. Or, if they really had a good time with the spaghetti dinner, who cares if they need to be hosed down? But, there are the ones who never seem bathed, brushed, or put together and that isn't great. There is a time for everything....for being a kid, and for being a little person who understands the importance of putting your best self out there.

Finally, my vote came in third with parents who don't follow through. If you say you are going to do something it. Kids need a clear understanding of good and appropriate behavior and that leaves no room for mixed messages. Even if it would be a lot easier to give them the lollipop every time they ask, they certainly shouldn't get one after they painted the neighbor's dog. Or, what I like to call: Parenting 101.

Last was overage pacifier use, followed by parents in denial. The former usually has something to do with parental laziness, a comittment to staying sane, or just an indifference to what society thinks is apporopriate. The latter is something probably reserved for the therpist's couch as opposed to this blog, but is also something we're all guilty of at different points (and if not on the high school years).

So that is it! Thanks for voting and be sure to check out the latest vote.

Here We Go Again...

If you use hard plastic baby bottles, you should probably watch this.....

One Small Step for Joseph, One Giant Step For....

So, my son still has no tooth and likes to sleep through the night with the frequency of a full moon, but yesterday morning we conquered one of the most important milestones in a (little) man’s life.

No, he did not put the toilet seat down (or use it, for that matter)

He did not forget to call me.

And, no, he did not get lost and agree to ask directions.

He took his first step….I think.

He has been standing for quite a while, and each time he does, my daughter and I count to see how long he can go before he sits down. As usual, we started counting as he stared at us, wide-eyed. However, just as we were getting to 6-7-8, he lifted his leg and moved his foot forward about one inch.

It’s a step…right?

I think it’s a step. Of course, I have been trying to have him do it again when witnesses are present (not that Olivia isn’t credible….sort of), but I feel the need to have someone else confirm what I saw.

And the most amazing thing about it is, his older sister took her first step exactly two years ago to the day….April 15th, Tax day and Paul the Great’s birthday!!

And, if he is ready to walk, I think life as I know it is over.

The Funny Things Kids Say

While getting dressed for the day, my daughter turned to me and asked,

"Mama, could we celebrate the harvest?"

Which leaves me with three possible conclusions.


1) I am not doing a good enough job monitoring her television consumption

2) Living in rural New Jersey (yes, there is such a thing), has really made an impression on her.

3) She has already decided that a pilgrim will make for a great Halloween costume.

Pure Fabulousness

In addition to sagging skin, exhaustion, and a host of other treats I've enjoyed post-partum, new developments have surfaced in regard to my hair.

Now, I have heard of women complaining (or rejoicing) in the fact that, throughout their pregnancy, the texture and look of their hair changed dramatically. Hair that was once limp and shapeless was now thick and shiny; or, hair that had previously been boyount and full, was now limp and lifeless. Personally, my own hair didn't really change (other than my indifference toward it as I gradually became larger and larger), and so I just chalked the experiences of others up to one of the many wonders of pregnancy. I did lose a lot of hair, but having been blessed/cursed - cursed/blessed with very thick hair, it was never a big deal. Besides, I was too busy trying not to bump into people with my burgeoning belly.

But pregnancy, for me, is over....and now, it seems, my hair issues have just have begun.

Here is the problem: As you can see from the image above, in addition to having no shame (that picture is frightening), I also am experiencing the new hair growth that is common for women to develop post-partum, especially when they've lost a lot of hair during pregnancy. At first, it was very Katie Holmes. The small hairs that peppered my forehead, giving the appearance of over-cut bangs, were kind of a funny hallmark of my liberation from pregnancy internment. But, with the passage of time....not so funny.

These new hairs are overtaking my head.

It now appears that I have a tribble growing out of my forehead, with no intention of leaving or doing anything else that may make it less noticeable.

And I've tried everything to hide it (brush it a thousand different directions, plaster it with hair products, anchor it with clips and headbands), but the damn, little gremlin will not relent.

What am I supposed to do? Wait patiently while it grows out and just try my best to avoid scaring small children? Try to convinve myself I am one of the those women who can pull off a hat?

Put on clothes that look charred, paint my face with charcoal, and stutter to people that lighting is really wild?

Decorate it with baby's breath?

Spike it and attempt to get better reception for my cell phone?

Tease the rest of my hair to match it and go around asking people when the Bon Jovi concert starts?

Please let me know if you have any ideas to help my worthwhile cause...
In the meantime, I have to work on my other hair dillemma...growing out my eyebrows to suit the current, fuller style look. (If yours look like dental floss, you may want to consider this as well). So far, I have just told people I am growing them out when I catch their stares resting above my eyes but beneath my tribble (I'm really an amusement park for the eyes these days).
However, I have been having more fun telling people I just wanted to give the "Whos" a place to vacation away from Whoville.

Quote of the Day

Children ask better questions than adults. "May I have a cookie?" "Why is the sky blue?" and "What does a cow say?" are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than "Where's your manuscript?" Why haven't you called?" and "Who's your lawyer?" ~ Fran Lebowitz

Picture of the Day

Fed up with people mistaking her for a boy dog because her name is Blue, the bewildered pooch decided to take matters into her own paws.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuedsay's Craft- Shoelace Bunnies


Craft foam in two colors

Pencil Decorative-edge scissors

Regular scissors

Craft glue

Googly eyes

Jingle bells


***You could also just use one piece of foam for the shape of the bunny, and have your kids color the rest to keep it simple.


For Parents to do in advance-

1.On the craft foam, draw the shape of a bunny's face with a light pencil line. It should be about 3 inches wide and 5 inches high.

2. Cut it out using decorative-edge scissors.

3. Trace and cut out a second, matching face.

Bring in the kids to-

4. Glue on a pair of googly eyes for each face

5. From a contrasting color of craft foam, cut out two shapes for the insides of the ears and glue them in place. (or just color them)

6. In the middle of each face, use regular scissors to cut two slits large enough to accommodate your child's shoelace.

7. Thread a jingle bell into the center of each lace, then through the slits so the ends come out the back of the bunny's head.

8.To make the cheeks, glue on the pom-poms just below the jingle bell nose.

9.Thread the laces into your child's shoes and tie into a bow.


A very special birthday wish to one of my two favorite Pauls (who happen to live in the same house)!!!!

Happy 10th Birthday, Buddy!!!

I can still remember holding you in my arms when I was getting ready for my college were still so small, you could practically fit in my cap!!!

Have a great day!

Quote of the Day

"Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath." --Richard Zera

Picture of the Day

The recipe for a perfect day: soap, water, and sunshine.
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Another One...

Cate Blanchett is arguably one of the greatest actresses working right now, and is (from what you can garner from carefully meditated interview responses) a pretty dedicated mother.

In that respect, news mediums are reporting that she delivered her third child today, a boy, whom she named Ignatius Martin.

I am a really big fan of her work, but Ignatius? Really? Aside from the obvious religious allusions, is it possible that he'll be known as anything other than Iggy on the playground?

Ignatius has two older brothers, Roman and Dashiell. say I am a little disappointed with an actress of the more cerebral set choosing such names is a bit of an understatement, but I'll opt to believe they're family names.

In other news, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are expecting a child. Given the spelling of her name and the black eyeliner on him, I've already started a countdown to their inevitable ridonkulous baby naming.

Place your bets......

Profile of a Parent

Consider this posting my newest weekly segment. Each Monday I will post a profile of a fabulous mother I know (or don't), just like the one below. I used myself as an example for the first one (despite being far less fabulous than the mothers I will highlight in the future). I would love everyone to contribute so we can start connecting a little bit, just cut and paste the questions with your own respective answers to an email and send it with a picture of yourself (current or baby picture) to

Profile of a Parent

Name: Christine- "Mama", "Weaver", and "that woman" (a moniker given to me by the librarian with whom I came to blows at a certain reading hour)

Mother of: Olivia and Joseph, 34 months and 9 months, respectively

What You Did Before You Were Someone’s Mommy: Taught high school English, enjoyed boredom, slept late, thought I knew what it meant to be tired, dressed better, lived in Center City, and
partied like a rock star (at least until 11 pm)

What You Do For Yourself Now: Freelance writer, Blogger, torment my husband, and I occasionally shower when I have the time

What is your favorite thing about being a mother? Knowing that, at least for a little while, I am someone's world. Songs at breakfast, blowing bubbles, fashion shows, walks, flower picking, bear hunts, making cookies, getting hugs, tubby time, bedtime stories, and the last kiss good night are just pieces of the best (and hardest) day I've ever had. (And people ask me what I do all day?!)

What is the one thing you wish you’d known before you had children? How hard it is to make time for anything else.

What would you do with an extra free hour in your day? I thought about saying sleep, but I would be too excited over having another free hour. I think I'd just read something not related to parenting, blogging, or work.

Who are your go-to people when you have a parenting question? My mother (for everything) and Julie (for health and "Is this normal?" questions)

What is the one thing your child(ren) do that always makes you smile? Watching Olivia meet someone for the first time, and watching Joseph clap hands and get so excited when he and his dad roll the ball back and forth. (This was tough to determine just one).

Who is your favorite fictional mother? Kitty Foreman, That 70s Show

If you could be someone you know for a day, who would it be? I would be Danielle and move myself into the house for sale two doors down.

If you could ban people from doing something, what would it be? Talking loudly just so other people can hear them, buying hummers, cheering for the God-awful Boston Red Sox, treating their kids like second class citizens, judging others on their momy-style, and capris (kidding).

If you could make one mixed CD that would be the only music you could listen to for the rest of your life, what songs would you put on it? "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne, "Almost Lover" by Fine Frenzy, "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" by Ottis Redding, "The Old Apartment" by Barenaked Ladies, "America" by Simon & Garfunkel, "This Year's Love" by David Gray, "Making Memories" by Keith Urban, and "Always on My Mind" done by Willie least this week.
******Special thanks to Shirley Magilton Photography for helping me to look less like bovine at two weeks post-partum!

For the Birds

If you can believe it, the determined blue bird has resisted capitulation and remains determined to enter my home through our back sliding glass doors. From sun up to lunch time, I watch this little guy ram his head into the door and claw at it. While he makes his assualt, I swear I hear what seems to be the faint chanting of "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" from his fellow blue bird buddies, who are egging him on from the comfort of the birdhouse.

In an attempt to derail his daily determination, I did what any normal person would--

I had a picture of my husband blown up and I taped it to the door to serve as a pseudo-scarecrow.

Now, I am not suggesting that my husband is anything other than the most hansome man I have ever laid eyes on; but, this particular picture is one in which he is making a hysterical expression that, despite its failure to scare away the bird, supplies me with endless laughs throughout the day.

And it seems to be an effective means of keeping the neighbors away (what's up Reim-timers?).

So, I am sure you all may be wondering why I did not post this hysterical photo to accompany this piece. Well, there is one little problem with husband would be less than pleased, despite the smiles it would surely bring to thousands of faces (or the two of you who actually read this blog).

The result: a campaign to get his okay to post the picture. If you know my husband and have his home email or phone number, feel free to encourage him to share the humor. If you do not, but think you have a good reason why he should, please post a comment for him to read.

Thanks in advance and with the right cojoling, hopefully I'll have the image up for you some time this week.

Video Clip

The last kid is HYSTERICAL.

And he has a great argument for seeking legal separation (I'm sure lawyerboy will let me know the correct phrase for this) from his parents.

No Wonder They Named an Isle After Them...


Enough is enough.

After more emails and a personal phone call from my own mother, I feel the need to clarify AGAIN the deal with capris.

They are NOT out of style. Nor are they the height of fashion. They are acceptable dress, just not fashionista caliber. They are not the fanny pack of pants.

Again, if you like to wear them and they look good on you, wear them (especially with a fashionable top).

Finally, if you ever catch me wearing them this season (and you will), feel free to point out the fact that I am not a real mama fashionista and that I have no business writing about fashion.

I am just fighting the fug.

(Shout out to MB).

Quote of the Day (For the fathers)

"Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected." -Red Buttons

Picture of the Day

As the princess pageant got underway, Snow White eyed up her apparent competition.

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