Friday, May 9, 2008

So Ahead of My Time

Well it is now apparent that he execs at Yahoo! are avid readers of my blog. Yahoo's website devoted to women (Shine!) just came up with their own list of gifts never to give to mom.

They are:

1) Kitchen appliances

2) Lotions

3) Pajamas resembling something the cast members of Little House on the Prairie might wear

4) House cleaning electronics (e.g. vaccuums, dust busters, etc.)

5) You being sick and spreading your germs

I just forwarded my resume to Yahoo!.

And, yes, I know most of you could come up with a list far better than mine, is the above selection really the worst they could think of? Annie's desktop wallpaper is so much better (or worse).

Thoughts? Examples of bad gifting (to you or by you)?

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