Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Brother Abroad

How long do you think it took before she finally let go of his neck?

This is Day 103.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Brother Abroad

Here we are, nearly halfway through May and I have yet to send out this month's care package. I guess I could blame it on busy, but who isn't busy these days??

Anyway, realizing Paul has more coffee than Columbia and a certain need to see a dentist if I keep sending candy, I thought I'd take my local Pretzel Factory up on an offer.

In support of the troops, the Pretzel Factory near me helps patrons package and send whole shipments of soft pretzels to troops stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I thought that would be yummy, easy, and even novel...but I'm not sure what would be the best way to go about preserving the freshness. The Pretzel Factory recommends wax paper, but that has to do more with moisture than keeping things soft and fresh.

Perhaps wax paper and then sealed in a plastic bag?

I guess I'll throw it out to any yeast experts (though, if that means you, I wouldn't brag about that publically). Is it even a good idea, and, if so, how should I send it?

This is Day 102.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Brother Abroad

When life is tough, I'll often try to put things in perspective by thinking of others who have it tougher. My thoughts often go to my brother and his family, as well as other friends and that usually helps.

Today, however, I found some people whose position may make even my brother feel happy about his current situation...on deployment in Iraq, far, far away from his wife and four children.

Those people would be the flood ravaged residents of Brazil:

CORIMATA DA CIMA, Brazil – The dirt road that runs in front of her house is a river. Her fields of rice and manioc lie ruined underwater. And with water seeping into her mud-brick, thatched-roof home, Maria do Remedio Santos knows it's time to join her neighbors.

Like 218,000 others across a swath of northern Brazil three times the size of Alaska, the neighbors have fled the worst rainfall and flooding in decades, braving newly formed rivers teeming with anacondas, alligators and legless reptiles known as "worm lizards" whose bite is excruciating.

They have made their way into shelters, some of which are already packed with people, pets and livestock with little food or medical supplies. Others stayed in stables. But Santos said Thursday there is no other choice for the nine people — relatives and neighbors — camped out in her shack.

I think, at least in this case, I'd prefer Iraq.

This is Day 101.

Prayers Are Answered...

First things first: MOST pediatricians will tell you that the appropriate time to send your kiddos to the dentist is the ripe age of three when teeth are in and dental hygiene can be mastered.

Dentists disagree....they recommend the tender age of 18 months for the first visit, which may seem really young, because it is.

Now, I would have happily waited until he turned two (at least), but he had that little fall a few weeks back that resulted in a small chip to his tooth. So, feeling confident with Dr. Andy's magic and wanting to make sure all was well in his mouth, I brought him in.

What I Learned:

1) The smartest thing I ever did was take him to O's first appointment. This made Dr. Andy and his office familiar, as well as the whole exam.

2) The chair was treated like a "ride", which he decided he'd like to get off once it was completely reclined.

3) No worries; Dr. Andy just sat him on my lap facing me, and leaned him back onto his own lap while I held his hands and reassured him.

4) There was some protesting, but Dr. Andy never stopped calmly talking to him while he worked (he even sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when it was time to floss) and so, Joseph's complaints were mild and sporadic.

5) Letting the surprisingly positive results of the cleaning go to our heads, we decided to do an x-ray of the chipped tooth to ensure there was no nerve damage.

6) And that was a mistake.

BUT, in conclusion, he did great compared to what I expected.

And both children will return in November for a duet with the most amazing Dr. Andy.

The Results Are In....

And Paula Abdul should be voted off.

It's not the song was horrible, it was just incredibly slow, obviously lip synched, and voiced over by a robot. All the smoke and darkness was a clever trick, but it wasn'g good at all.

There's a reason No Doubt and Daughtry followed her.

As for the rest....

I am in disbelief that my girl, clearly the most talented, is going home.

I guess I should have voted.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Brother Abroad

100 Days!

265 more to go......

Pray For Me...

I'm taking a 22 month old to his first dental appointment.

Shall we do an over/under?

Perhaps multiple choice would be better:

Will Joseph:

A) Refuse to get in the chair?
B) Keep his jaw clenched and mouth tightly shut?
C) Injure someone (himself, his Mom, Dr. Andy) in a fit of rage?
D) Do all of the above?
E) Prove that he truly is the Golden Child and surprise us all with an almost perfect check-up?

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Before the show officially begins, it has to be said that these are the most talented Top 4 ever assembled for the show. Anyone can win....and IT'S ROCK NIGHT!

Also>>>> thanks to a great nap, Olivia the great will be judging with me (her comments will also be included until she passes out).

Adam Lambert: WOW! I think Robert Plant might actually be hiding in his jacket. Are you kidding me???? O's reaction: "I love him!!" she said while panting, out of breath from rockin' out. This still begs the question: Would people buy his album?

Allison Iraheta: BEST EVER! She was meant to do that song....dare I say better than the original? I actually liked it better than Adam's, though a lot of people will dispute that.....that judges are wrong (O was in the potty).

Kris & Danny Duet: They seem uncomfortable an unrock-like, but their vocals are okay. One did not outshine the it's a wash...they sounded complimentary to one another. (O is officially done with American Idol, asking Daddy if they can go outside to count stars).

Kris Allen: It was like a Gavin DeGraw version of rock...and I actually liked it. He brought the rock well, especially when he's not a rock guy. He delivered....and the judges were too hard on him.

Danny Gokey: Quite a song choice...oh, no the scream!!! Bad, it was bad, bad, bad. Oh dear...the judges are going to slaughter him. It doesn't matter...people love him and he'll still get votes.

Allison & Adam:I'm glad they put these two together....she totally held her own with the golden child (who Julie also suspects used a sock). They were AMAZING.


Are you ready for this?????


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Brother Abroad

"It's human nature to start taking things for granted again when danger isn't banging loudly on the door." - David Hackworth

This is Day 99.

Always a Mom....

My mother-in-law took O to school and Joseph away for the morning so I could catch up on work, which is why I have two seconds to post an observation.

I am alone, the house is really, really quiet, and I still keep startling from what I think is Joseph waking up from a nap.


I also can't stop looking at the clock.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Brother Abroad

The Bionic Man is no longer a thing of below for the interesting video clip.

This is Day 98.

Soul Lifter of the Day

American Idol winner, David Cook, makes a speech twenty-four hours after his brother lost his battle against Brain Cancer.

Once Again....

Do you know that phrase, "biting off more than you can chew?'

Well, I think I'm choking....but just for this week.

In other news, Joseph licked a car tire.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Brother Abroad

This is pretty great....and this is also Day 98.