Friday, May 9, 2008

Making Mother's Day Memories

Yesterday I posted a list of gifts to avoid for fathers looking to show their love and appreciation for the mother of their children. Not to suggest that I am ungrateful for even the smallest nod, the list was more about the wacky things other people were heralding as "great gift ideas".

In the event that you are still in the dark about what to get that deserving woman, I have brainstormed a few ideas that may make your job a little easier.

Caveat emptor: There is no such thing as the perfect gift for all women; so, please consider these ideas as they relate to your specific recipient...I tried to keep them as neutral as possible.

The Mother of All Mother's Day Gift Lists-

Very Inexpensive:

-Suprise half-day- If your wife is a stay-at-homer, she may spend a lot of time watching the clock for your daily return. One of the best gifts you can give is a the suprise of a half day. Spend Sunday with a nice breakfast and a card, and then cut out of work at lunchtime sometime during the following week to free her up to do anything she might want while you take over the homestead.


-A night out- A fun-filled day with the family is a wonderful reward for a doting mom, and a night out with other moms the night before is a great tradition as well. Consider Mother's Eve the newest holiday and send her and her girls out to dinner (their husbands will thank you--- shout out to Dave Dog and his limo service)

-Canvas Pictures -- Get ahold of her favorite pictures of your family and have them made into classic canvas prints. Though this would not be ready for Sunday, the gesture will go a long way.

Not Necessarily Breaking the Bank:

A cleaning lady- I am not suggesting you hire a live-in housekeeper, but a day off from cleaning goes a long way. Franchises such as Merry Maids offer gift certificates, while independent cleaners will come in for a day and complete a full sweep of your home. The price depends on the size of your home and the time depends on the number of cleaners. If you live in Gloucester and Camden counties and want a reference, take advantage of a great cleaner (and awesome mom) Diana Silva ,who has been cleaning my house since I moved in. She can be reached at: (856) 824-0073....just be sure you wait until after she leaves to take a bath.

Giving Up A Nice Round of Golf and Steak Dinner:

-A day at the Spa- I have never met a woman who does not enjoy one or more aspects of a spa service. Massages, facials, body treatments, nail care, and even make-up and tanning applications are great pampering for the wearied mom. If you are not sure what she might like, almost every spa offers gift certificates.

- Dinner out (because someone else will clean up and there will be no high chairs), theatre tickets or game tickets, an overnight at a hotel so that she can sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed, and maybe even you can go with her.

Because Money Is No Object To A Strong, Successful, Pimp* of A Guy Like You

-A shopping spree- I don't mean Supermarket Sweep or something that would requjire a loan, but a nice gift certificate to one of her favorite stores (a non-department store) will force her to spend the money on herself instead of cute outfits for the kiddies.

-- A really nice camera...there is no woman who does not want to take a million pictures of her children (or at least have you do it well)

- A custom closet system from California closets. These are those unbelievable spaces that we drool over in magazines, with their built-in shelving, full length mirrors, and accessory islands, but never actually think we could ever have. Dog-eared for the day we win the lottery, having a custom closet is a pipe dream for most of us....and what a lovely gift it would make. Time to buy a lottery ticket....

-A deck (ahem)

-Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds

- A necklace or ring (known as a birthstone band) with your children's birthstones set inside. Some women may like a charm bracelet or pendant, but I would avoid these if they are not into bulkier jewelry. When in doubt, head to Tiffany's.

Best of luck!

***A note on the use of the word "pimp"- My mother hates that I use it because she associates it strictly with prostitution. In no way am I suggesting that any of our fathers out there are involved in sexual commerce for profit, it is just an acceptable slang engendered by Generation Xers who like to pretend they are big mac daddies.

Word to your mother...


Melissa said...

LOL - I am one of the few younger people who HATES the word P*mp. Ugh, I can't even write it. Let your mom know I agree with her.

I didn't know you wanted a deck. I'll be sure to razz John about it.

Amanda said...

My hubby thinks he is getting off easy on Sunday by letting me do the kids clothes. I just emailed him to check your blog out. I hope he picks something in the Pimp category.