Friday, December 5, 2008

Guess Who?

Not a lap I'd be anxious to sit on....

Christmas Songs

Since there really aren't twenty Christmas songs that I absolutely love, I am going to forego the process of ranking them and, instead, simply share them as they come to mind.

The next one reflects one of my first girlhood crushes (next to Rob Lowe) and a pop holiday classic.

It also reflects THE BEST CHRISTMAS VIDEO of all time (yes, the caps were necessary). From the fabulous outfits, the stunning broach, and the "Merry Christmas" whisper that conjures Gilda Radner's "Hey You", I can't stop watching it. More than anything, however, I totally have my new holiday hair picked out....thanks George.

Fun With Santa: Ho Ho No

Despite whether or not you believe my children will be able to hang with Santa (sans tears), check out THIS LINK to see some remarkable pictures...

The entire site is devoted to children who have a "bad reaction" to meeting the Claus.

Who'll Take the Over/Under?

My husband loFont sizeves joining his family on trips to the grocery store. He spends more than a few minutes making up stories about the lobsters, he pretends each aisle provides a new opportunity to race unsuspecting shoppers, and he loves to play over/under with the cashiers.

For the gamblers among us, you would already know that over/under refers to a type of betting that prompts you to bet on whether or not a score will be either above or below the amount established by a bookie. Will Manning throw for more than 350 yards in Sunday's game? Will the combined score of the Sixers/Lakers game amount to 150 points? Something, something, something about bowling.

Anyway, if you're on the lookout for fun ways to pass your time at the supermarket, Over/Under applies here as well. When you arrive at the checkout line, ask the cashier how much he or she thinks the bill will cost and you can each decided if it's over or under. If it's just you and you are bold enough to play solo, you determine the price and challenge the cashier to pick.

It's fun and I know what you're guys are crazy fun. Wow.

Anyway, what does this have to do with a blog usually devoted to parenting?

Today I will be taking the kids to our local mall for their pictures with Santa. I do it every year at the same place because it's the same Santa (provides credibility when they look back at pictures over the years) and he's great, real beard and all.

SO, here's the over under. Of the three of us, how many will cry.

The number we're projecting is two (Mommy and Joseph).

Do you take the over or under?

Quote of the Day

"There's nothing wrong with the younger generation that becoming taxpayers won't cure." ~Dan Bennett

Picture of the Day

In case you forgot what middle school looks like...

Send your favorite kid pics to:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sliggity Slogging.....

Not because I am being lazy; quite the opposite. Just like everyone else, I am too busy for words and when I finally get a chance to sit down, I am devoid of all creative juices.

BUT tomorrow.....mucho posts!!

I prominse (and one even involves the always appealing subject of vomit).

Headline of the Day

"Man uses candy cane to subdue attacker with knife"

Click HERE for the brave story.....

Quote of the Day

"More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you've been bad and good." ~Linda Sunshine

Picture of the Day

In the true spirit of sisterhood,
the elder gave the gift of curls to the younger,
who had yet to inherit them on her own.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Belated Happy Halloween

Despite only receiving this a few days ago, I had to post this somewhat belated Boo pic of the most adorable Miss Julia, who decided a chicken would make a lovely debut costume.

Utter sweetness....and she totally came before the egg.

Yes, that last part was awful....but nevermind me.....look how cute she is!!!!

Christmas Song of the Day

Number 19 is a special dedication to my dear mother, who went to see the Beach Boys as her first concert back in her crazy teenage years. The young skip who took her drove a powder blue Mustang and, after my mother rejected him, never married.


This one's for you, Babs.....

Quote of the Day

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

Picture of the Day

Because stringing Christmas tree lights is such a calming, enjoyable experience,
why not share it with your kids?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Though I cannot believe it is already December, this post marks the beginning of my Christmas blog countdown. Much like my years as a little kid when we'd make a long chain of construction paper links to mark the passing of each day closer to Christmas, I'll be taking the following days to share my traditions, memories, and favorite songs.

Last year, my husband stuffed my stocking with a burned CD of my favorite holiday songs and so, consider the following song my #20 of my Top 20 Favorites.......

Quote of the Day

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." ~Roy L. Smith

Picture of the Day

Three Things You Never Want to Find Yourself Alone With in a Dark Alley:
1) A man in a trench coat
2) A foamy mouthed dog
3) And a three year old whose just been told he's lost Poppa's Pizza Pie Pile-up

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dance Party '08

Effectively working off 20 of the 20,000 calories I consumed.

I think I hear Susan calling.....


I'd have to say stuffing and dark meat top my favorite foods on Thanksgiving, but I've also never been one to shy away from apple pie or the legendary Grandpa Mahony Whiskey Sour (which is honsetly responsible for most of the children in my extended family).
Throwing down the proverbial gauntlet, however, was my neighbor Joan who somehow managed to ring the doorbell just as we were about to begin the engorgement.
What did she decide to drop off??
Essentially, a bathtub sized bowl of Pumpkin Mousse topped with ginger snaps. It was absolutely delicious.....just ask my husband, who I caught rolling around in it that night while he thought everyone was in a tryptophan coma.

Turkey Bowl '08

The Highlights:

1) The teams were divided by the redheads and the non-reds, which, at least in our family, means pretty balanced teams even when a certain nurse defers to the cooking as her ready excuse for not participating....this year.

2) O and her cousin Drew learned how to tackle. Which is exactly what they did to each other during the entire game, regardless of team or period of play.

3) Some of us were showing our age....

4) My neighbor, who also happens to be a volunteer ambulance driver, never kept us out of his sights, certain he would eventually be needed.

5) Aunt, shmant, Mad Max is a capital pass interferer.....which is exactly why I HAD to trip him....often.

Turkey Decorating Contest

Since my gifts lie outside the realm of the kitchen, I left the heavy cooking to the pros, and designated myself as MC for the evening. In addition to providing my adult guests with plenty of late night trivia pursuit competitions and alcohol, I made sure the little ones never had a dull moment....or, at least I tried.

The results of the 2008 Turkey Decorating Conest:

Most Turkey-ish: Olivia
Most Gobble Gobble: Drew
Most Disturbing: Max (who made interesting use of some electrical tape)
Most Glamorous: Abigail (and a vat of glitter glue)
Most Colorful: Ellie (and every paint color I had, plus some I am not sure was actually paint)
Most Creative: Grace and her rendition of the turkey-pilgrim hybrid
Funniest: Paul and his labeled turkey, "Farty McFart".....oh, to be in middle school again.

Thanksgiving: The Afterglow

So the tornado that is my family effectively swept through my house in celebration of Thanksgiving, and the only things left in their wake are a few mysterious carpet stains and loads of laundry I made no attempt to do.

Needless to say, it was one of the best holidays yet as the occasions for us all to get together (or for both my brothers to be on the same continent at the same time) is extremely rare. In honor of our festivities, the rest of the day will be a veritable highlight reel of our weekend.

Starting tomorrow, the Christmas countdown begins......

Quote of the Day

"The thing I'm most thankful for right now is elastic waistbands." ~Author Unknown

Picture of the Day

What does driving eight hours in a car amidst Thanksgiving traffic with four children, one dog, and one lovely wife mean?

Even a randomly placed balance beam in the middle of a playroom will provide a welcome opportunity to nap.