Friday, September 18, 2009

Outlook Good

No, I don't mean the weather (though I've always believed rain on your wedding day being characterized as "good luck" is just a way to make anxious brides feel better), but I do mean the flower girl outlook.

As it were, it is beautiful here and I do believe late summer/fall in Upstate NY and New England provides the most beautiful scenery (sorry tropical islanders). However, the outlook I'm referring to is O's chances of braving the aisle with confident, happy smiles. Why so?

Our flower girl is napping!

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Oh, and the pre-emptive rest will also do wonders for her favorite dance routine at the reception: Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is about to get a redux.


The Big Day

So yesterday proved to be blog-free thanks to a very long trip to upstate New York (hello Auburn!), a wedding rehearsal with an all too eager flowergirl opting to sit with the maids instead of his mother, and the ever-challenging process of getting your kids to bed in a hotel.

I'm a little tired today....but also very excited for the much anticipated wedding of Brenden and Nicole.

As I mentioned in a long ago post, Brenden and Nicole both suffered traumatic brain injuries in separate car accidents that not only derailed their post-graduation plans of college and travel, caused them to lose most of their friendships due to young adults heading off in their own directions, and the physically and mental capability to do pretty much anything without the help of also nearly cost both of them their lives.

But depsite your own belief systems, two separate miracles occurred.

Years of therapy, endless determination, and a chance meeting at a social program that enlists the help of brain injury sufferers to participate in a school program bringing exotic wildlife to the public schools, Nicole and Brenden found each other and another reason to embrace life.

So today is their perfect day, surrounded by family and friends, fall-like NY weather, and complete happiness.

What could be better?

A prediction, of course.

There's no doubt they'll be happy, or that the reception will be a blast. The question is pretty simple:

Will the flower girl make it down the aisle?

By all accounts, she's acting like a pro. She prefers the maids to me, practices constantly, and worked it out well during the rehearsal.

However, when all those people and their wide eyes fill the church....there's no way to know.

dum, dum, da, dum....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video of the Day

I don't know who did this....but it's genius!

I also can't believe I used to be a fan of Kanye.....I hate when an artist lets themself get in the way of his or her talent. RIP Oasis.


How to Be Mother of the Century

Lose power for 15 consecutive hours.

Last Friday a terrible storm brought extreme winds, blinding rain, and more than a few downed powerlines. Needless to say, we spent the day at home, waiting for the electric company's promise of "one more hour" to actually be realized.

They were off by fourteen hours.

Sure it may be a less than desirable situatuion for your refrigerator and general water supply (we have a power, no water), but it is truly amazing to see what happens when any access to a television or computer is denied.

Puzzles, games, 3,000 books, chasing, play-doh, dress-up.....all things we are likely to do at some point on any given day; just not one after the other.

I became the 100% mom.....and then I need a nice big glass of wine and some brain-deadening television come bedtime.

Quote of the Day

"Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you." ~Robert Fulghum

Picture of the Day

Monday, September 14, 2009

Other People's Kids

Though I love to talk about the wonderments that are my own children (I dare any parent who feels otherwise), there are some pretty great kids out there that aren't exactly sharing my DNA....just my adoration for their own unique adorableness.

Take for example my lovely neighbor Lori and her middle son, Maximus.

Maximus is a tough little guy with unending energy, cat-like reflexes, and a perfect smile.

He's just a great kid (all three of her kids are, actually).

But here's the thing I love most about the mighty Maximus: As tough as he is, as athletic and energetic as he is, every time he gets so much as a bump or matter how little, he doesn't cry or scream....he just swiftly walks over to his mommy and waits for the obligatory feel better kiss. He doesn't say anything, he just extends the injuried appendage and waits.

It's the cutest thing.

He's not really hurt, or in need of medical attention. He just loves the comforts of his mom and her ready love. It takes just a second and a smile, and he's off again to take care of his kid business until the next wound sends him back.

Love it.

The Potty Chronicles

Since my experience in potty training my O was relatively easy, I fully expected that Joseph would be a licensed driver before he abandoned his dependence on diapers- that just seems to be the way parenting works.

Needless to say, my common mistake of underestimating my little guy once again revealed itself.

He was easier to train than O.....kind of.

After one morning, he knew exactly what to do and when to do it. After two days (and one accident at the always distracting park....where the poor slide will never be the same), he had mastered not only getting himself to a potty, but the always elusive art of "holding it". I couldn't have been prouder....even bragging a bit to anyone who hadn't seen the witnessed crime at the park.

Of course, bragging is always the kiss of death.

What my eagerness to believe and my mommy euphoria kept me from foreseeing was the all important passing of the poop. That has been, shall we say, not so easy.

He doesn't have accidents. He doesn't scream and cry. He doesn't do anything.....which is exactly the problem.

My little ray of sunshine has what we might call poop anxiety.

I know, I know.... who doesn't these days?

Nevertheless, my little keeper holds it as long as he can, hand over tush and full of squirmy dancing, before he finally gives ordeal that takes entirely too long and too much pleading. Not only that, he'll maintain days of resistance before he cannot hold it anymore. Points for resilience, but horrible on all other counts.

So why share these trials in output? I'm looking for advice. The problem isn't about diet (he lives on blueberries, grapes, and water) and it isn't about accidents (he doesn't want to go anywhere).

The problem is simply about letting go.

Help, please.

Quote of the Day

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers." ~Edgar W. Howe

Picture of the Day

The First Day of School