Monday, May 5, 2008

In Defense of Daddies

Last week I shared a log from my friend Amanda, who is currently making her way through the trenches. This log not only illustrated the daily grind of raising the very young, it also provided a chance for others who are struggling with the trials of parenting to identify with a shared experience.

I also posted that Amand decided to start a blog of her own:

And now there is one thing more I'd like to share....

As a part of the log, Amanda not only vented about the hardships of struggling to help a sick baby, the challenges of juggling baby and toddler, but also the the difficulty we sometimes have communicating our frustrations to our willing partners.

Unfortunatley, the last element may have not done proper justice to her husband, who is so much more than perhaps the log illustrated. So, in his defense, it must be said that he is a pretty awesome dad.

Boundless energy for the toddler, sweet attention for the little man, and a calming port in the choppy seas of parenting for his wife. From my own experience, I can tell you that Mike and Amanda are a great couple whose interaction at the annual Newlywed Game is legendary. Really, if there's a chance they can't make it....we all look to reschedule.

As a casual acquaintance of Mike's, I couldn't even say anything more that would really do his fathering justice. If you are interested to learn more what a great dad he happens to be, stop by Amanda's site where she has compiled a pretty endearing list.

And in another related note, I am a firm believer in a dad's right to spend some time on the golf course, or at the batting cage, or even just watching a game with his cronies. I actually have to encourage my husband to take some time for himself once in awhile (homeboy is a homebody). Just as much as I appreciate some time with the girls, a solo shopping excursion, or even a drive to anywhere without having to listen to Lori Brukner sing "Victor Vito", it is important to enjoy some down time away from the masses.

Finally, if you have figured out a formula for effectively rationing your time with children, spouse, friends, extended family, and even yourself....feel free to let us all in on it.

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Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

I wish I could tell you that there is a way to ration your time with everyone and everything, but in the end, you wind up trading golf for t-ball and you hope grandma and grandpa can come watch the game too.