Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Votes Are In....

After the previous week's poll surveying the upcoming election, I decided to go with another pressing vote: the American game show.

Of the listed options, the majority went with Deal or No Deal as their game show of choice for participation...despite the inclusion of Howie Mandel (shave it, shave it!!!). Anyway, this is an obvious choice since very few people walk away with less than a few grand and the potential for big money is always looming. I dislike Howie, I loathe the briefcase girls, and the contestants are rarely likable, but this is a game where a basic understanding of math can secure you a nice chunk of change. On a side note, in a recent interview, Howie Mandel confessed that when the banker calls, he isn't actually giving him a number (that appears in a screen in Howie's view); but rather, he makes funny comments to try and get him to laugh. So, if you watch the show, look for signs of the banker's success.

Coming in at #2 is The Price is Right. Growing up, I distinctly remember that the occasional teacher in-service day or sick day meant getting to watch The Price Is Right for an entire hour. Plinko, Higher or Lower, and that one game with the hiking yodeler....what geniuses masterminded such entertainment?? I also accredit the show with introducing me to the concept of neutering, and for that, Bob, I thank you. Now Drew Carrey has taken over the important task of keeping people from being swept under the big wheel and I am sure he is doing a fine job (I have yet to catch it).

Supermarket Sweep is no longer on the air, but it still earned third place. This was a great show in all its cheesiness, and a great guide for anyone considering a grand grocery theft. Much like the incomparable Jane's Addiction video, it's all about grabbing the meat. They so need to put this back on the air.

Tied for 4th is Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? and Remote Control. I absolutely loved Millionaire in its "heyday"*, and even went so far as to try out for the show by phone. I passed the test and made it to the lottery portion for picking contestants, but alas, it was not meant to be. As for Remote Control, its airing marked a time when Mtv was still relevant and interesting. Colin Quinn was funny, the contestants were sarcastic, and the video grotto was fabulous. If Mtv were to redo the show today, they would certainly ruin it with horrible hosts, lame effects, and a confessional.

Last place goes to Jeopardy!, and that saddens me. Even though I would certainly do so poorly my negative points would exclude me from Final Jeopardy, this would be my game show of choice. And I couldn't even vote for it because my computer kept saying "Cannot Process Your Request". That's my sign....I will never meet the Canadian wonder or be dazzled by the glow of the blue screens.


On to the next votes........

*****"Heyday" comes from the old Germanic word heida, meaning "hurrah." In 16th century England, "Hey!" or "Heyda!" was a common interjection, a cry of joy or excitement. Of course, we still shout "hey" to get someone's attention, but the original sense of the word was more like the "hooray" or "whoopee" of today's corporate executive as he dons his golden parachute and leaves his underlings twisting in the wind. Later on, "heyda" came to mean a time of celebration, and the "da" was gradually replaced in English by "day," giving us "heyday."

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Chris said...

I voted with my head, not my heart, on this one. My head tells me to go for "Millionaire" because I'm fairly confident I could reach the $50,000 level without using lifelines and then take my chances from there. But wouldn't it be amazing to be on Jeopardy? I'd have no chance of winning, and even if I did I'd never walk away with more than $20,000... but what a rush that would be. Practicality rules the day, though, so that's why I didn't vote for my favorite game show of all time.