Friday, July 11, 2008

Looking For Signs

After a tough morning (the kind of morning when your nerves are officially shot at 8:43 Am), we headed to Grammy and Poppy's for a visit and lunch. Not only did this mean my grouchy children would have a nice distraction provided by the paternal grandparents, but given my mother-in-law's typical lunchtime spread, my weeklong Last Supper would continue nicely.

And it was all of the above.

After we loaded up the car and said our goodbyes, my little darlings barely made it out of the development before they were snoring. This meant a nice, quiet ride home for me, filled with reflections and silent prayers that I would successfully transition both children from the car to the bed and crib, respectiely.

As if God was trying to tell me something, I passed a little church that had a sign. Like many little churches, the pastor/priest/shaman used the space to include catchy little messages that rely heavily on pun and familiar quotes.

"Souler Energy Used Here"

"Jesus Died For 'MySpace' In Heaven"

"Who Wants to Be A Christiannaire"

Anyway, on this particular day, the church's sign read, "Chuck Norris Has Nothing On God".

And I have no idea what that means.

I am not a big Chuck Norris fan; I couldn't name a single movie he has been in. I do know he is an action movie icon and I think he is kind of martial arts too, but this is clearly not a genre I have been properly educated in.

So someone needs to explain the sign to me....I am completely at a loss.

And as for the kids, my prayers were answers as they did go right up to bed and are sleeping still...something I am sure neither Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, nor Calude VanDamme had nothing to do with.


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