Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taking Care of You

Though I am really not a facial girl (I love is just hard enough for me to find time for a haircut, let alone a spa treatment), I decided to get one last night. I headed to the salon for my 8 week cut (they have late hours....shout out to Gino), and piggy-backed a facial after that.

It was wonderful.

And I felt guilty. Yes, I'd been given a gift certificate and it would certainly be a shame to let it go to waste, but I still could not completely quiet that little nagging voice that had me wondering if the kids were okay. Does that ever go away?

Anyway, as Lindsey pampered me into La La land, my mind drifted to a conversation I once had with a masseuse at the Borgata. My husband had sent me there for a prenatal massage Mother's Day gift and at 8 months...I really appreciated it.

The massuese began to tell me about a regular client she had when she first started out who was European, polished, and the mother of eleven children.


Not only that, she came to get a massage every Friday.

Upon learning the size of her family, the masseuse asked how she was able to manage such a luxury on a weekly basis.

The woman responded that she did it for her kids as much as herself. She was a better mom when she took care of herself; when she found time for herself. As a result, she says, they not only had a happy mom, they learned how important it is to be responsible for your own happiness.

Amen....and make those appointments everyone.

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