Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Constant Battle

After I had my son, I gave myself time to adjust to life as a mommy of two before I started worrying about anything else. Then, six months post-partum, I decided it was time to return some of the focus to myself and lose the last 15 lbs from pregnancy that was proving to be pretty stubborn.

I decided to go the Jenny Craig route for 6 weeks (it's pricey, and setting a time limit is also a good motivator). Needless to say, the careful diet coupled with the 700 calories I was burning each day from nursing made those last LBs slide right off. And they really stayed off.
And then I stopped nursing.

As is my MO with diets, I get super enthusiastic and militant and I usually get quick results. Then, a month or two goes by and I slowly creep back up the scale. Giving up nursing and letting my habits slacken found me gaining back some of the weight I had successfully lost.

So, I decided to invest in Oprah's beloved Dr. Oz. I have always found him so interesting and reasonable, and since I decided that I did not want to go on another diet, I would buy his book and learn how to read labels. (This is also why I have taken up power walking with 70 lbs of stroller strength).

I also made myself read the entire book before I jumped right into the plan (as I usually do). I learned about the triggers of the body, about things that increase appetite, slow metabolism, and work against even your best efforts. I also learned that the most successful people are those who commit to food preparation and keeping your cupboards healthy for those times you fall of the ice cream truck.

So, I am ready. I got the fructose free everything. I got whole wheat pasta, pita, and tortillas. I have walnuts and edamame. I am even considering a dance with tofu (but I am keeping my expectations low). The point is: I want to start making better choices for my well being as well as my waistline. And I will begin this Monday.

Until then, however, consider this my weeklong Last Supper. I actually had a plate of curly fries for lunch (yes, the ones I bought because I thought the kids would like them....hmmm). I have also had some sodas (it's been years), and I have been eating chips like I'm an Irishmen storing up for the Potato Famine. Oh, and my neighbor's cake....gone.

The only thing I have refrained from are those evil Circus Peanuts that have led me on so many clandestine outings to the local CVS. I am beginning to think they are not actually a food and it's best they be left alone.

Wish me luck....I'm off to start cleaning out the pantry in preparation (one bite at a time).

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Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

I love to power walk...4 1/2 miles 3-4 times/wk and weight training 2-3 days/wk. I'm eating pretty healthfully and still can't get rid of those last few lbs...maybe I should cut out all of this crap and just go to sleep??? (And read Dr. Oz).