Monday, May 12, 2008

The Votes Are In...

Aside from Cabbage Patch Kids, Madonna, and OP shorts (did you know they are making a comeback?....see your local Wal-mart for the new line), the movies of the 80s were arguably the greatest contribution made by a decade that is also responsible for acid-washed Z.Cavarriccis, Michael Bolton*, and Members Only jackets. Though John Hughes and the Steven Spielberg were responsible for 99.9% of these films, a few others, directed by lesser known artists, managed to capture our hearts...and our fondest theatrical memories.

Last week's vote was devoted to our favorite parent-themed movies, with solid first and second place results.

The winner by a clear margin was Parenthood. Steve Martin, whose film Father of the Bride II tied for best pregnancy movie, wins again with this classic, hysterical, and frighteningly realstic portrayal of families struggling to cope with their ever evolving relationships. Steve Martin is at his best in this comedy, though Keanu Reeves actually manages to steal a few scenes for himself.

Coming at a respectful second place is Mr. Mom. Not only is this movie funny and memorable, it is also completely new to me as I watch it as an adult. When I was young, I remember loving the story lines involving the vaccuum cleaner and the Wubby; but, with adulthood, I have come to have a completely different appreciation for the movie's more mature humor. This was also the case for Parenthood, The Toy, and a handful of others.
Following in a distant third and fourth is Three Men and a Baby (whatever happened to Steve Guttenberg?) and Baby Boom, a movie I think about every time someone mentions trouble with their well. The first may have been overshadowed by the urban legend that a diminutive crew member hanged himself during one of the scenes (the image of which can apparently be seen in the film), while the latter still enjoys a strong rotation on USA.

The shame of last place, with no votes, goes to Look Who's Talking. I remember laughing out loud at this movie, though nothing in particular really stands out. Kirstie Allie and John Travolta also fail to enjoy the same positive public sentiment that they once did, which may have a lot to do with the fact that no one voted for it.

On to the next vote....

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