Friday, May 16, 2008

A Gift for Nancy

After spending long hours wondering what I could give my mother-in-law to really make her happy on her birthday (and earn myself some additional brownie points* as well), I settled on giving her the one thing she has always wanted:

To spend one more day with her "Johnnie" at age 3.

*Oh, and where did the term brownie points come from? Is this some kind of girl scout reference, or is there an actual game where, by earning enough points, you win brownies? And, if it is the latter, where do I get that game??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any daughter-in-law who listens as
intently to her mother-in-law's
babbling as you do, Mrs. "One Maid A'Milking", deserves many, many
brownie points. I am very moved
and touched by the fact that you
remember me mentioning, on more than one occasion, that, if I could turn back the clock for just
one day, I would want to hold my
son on my lap and remember the
sound of his voice, his warmth and
his little hands. He could always
"light up my life", and still does.
Thank you, Christine, thank you....