Monday, May 12, 2008

Every Mother Needs A Holiday

Though not exactly an extended vacation, I headed down to Florida this weekend to help celebrate my beautiful goddaughter Gracie's First Communion. The weather was wonderful, the occasion lovely, and the complete night of uninterrupted sleep....well, glorious.

We stayed on base at a hotel right on the beach and that was pretty amazing too. The beach was perfect, as was the pool; though, we did not get to enjoy the latter since the Navy SEALS were using it for training....isn't that always the way?

Anyway, if you were the child of a bedouin, mirgrant worker, or a serviceman, your idea of home never had anything to do with an actual house, consistent hometown, or even familiar faces. Home is where your family is...and that is why this weekend was almost perfect.

Keeping it from being absolutely perfect, my husband remained home with the little ones (yes, his Father's Day gift will be significant) so I could make the quick trip down. But the rest of my family was in full attendance. My brothers rarely share the same hemisphere, let alone the same state, and so this was a perfect Mother's Day gift for my own mother.

I'm not sure what it is about family get-togethers, but I never feel more like myself when I am surrounded by the people I have known all my life. No family is perfect, no family always gets along, but I am no one without them.

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