Thursday, May 15, 2008

Then Vs. Now (continued from an earlier post)

Parents magazine is openning its archives of advice given for pregnancy and parenting to show how much the times have really changed.

On Baby Names

* "Persons with attractive names are usually better liked than the ones whose names have unpleasant connotations." -- January 1967
* "What do the initials spell? Sebastian Anthony Pratt would not be a good combination of names." -- January 1967
* "Most popular names of 1967: Robert, Mark, Stephen, Linda, Sandra, Susan." -- January 1967

Maintaining Your Looks

* "Your Own Wonderful Look: The changes taking place in your body evidence themselves in your physical appearance, and require a flexible beauty regime. Plan to devote more time grooming." -- January 1964

* "Getting Back into Shape: Don't ask [your girdle] to do all the work your muscles should be doing. You can prevent that sagging tummy even after a whole passel of babies if you are firm with your muscles...." -- June 1965

On Being a Good Housewife

* "Your Husband: Take a little time to consider the things you can do to make his life a little easier while you are away [in the hospital]...(1) Write out a telephone list (2) Leave him a week's supply of clean underclothes and shirts (3) Stock the refrigerator with food (4) Arrange for a maid to come in one day while you are in the hospital (5) Most important, remember to let your husband carry the baby home from the hospital." -- February 1968

* "As a rule, the major care of the baby will fall to the mother, and she will be so busy as a mother that she may forget to be a wife. Unless father is a very well adjusted personality, he is going to resent this neglect. Not only will he be resentful towards his wife, but he may also harbor subconscious antagonism toward this third person that has invaded their happy home."
-- May 1965

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Melissa said...

Can you really prevent a sagging stomach after having a baby by working out and doing ab exercises?