Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday's Craft

All A-Quiver Caterpillar - Great to do after reading Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar


Black pipe cleaners

Construction paper -- black, lime green, orange, yellow


Small 12"" rod / stick / ruler


Wiggle eyes

1) Cut six 4" circles from orange paper.

2) Cut six 3" circles from green and yellow paper.

3) Cut one 1-1/2" circle from black paper.

4) Create a foot pattern and trace 12 times on black paper, cut out.

5) Glue two feet on each green circle. Glue green circles on orange circles. Glue yellow circles on the other side of orange circles.

6) Run body pieces through Paper Crimper so that the end with the feet goes through last.
7) Glue wiggle eyes on one body piece. Glue small black circle (nose) on same body piece as eyes.
8) Wrap chenille stem around finger or pencil to curl.
9) Glue on face.
10) Punch a hole at the top of each body piece.
11) Run 12" of string through each hole.
12) Attach to rod.

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