Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday's Craft

In an attempt to simply survive the doldrums of March, I posted a piece last week that tried to put a fresh spin on gray, rainy days. With puddle jumping, rainbows, and froggy boots, sometimes all you need is a change in attitude (or latitude….shout out to Cruickshank for taking me to my first Buffet concert), to make these gloomy days a little less gloomy.

In keeping with that, here is a post for the more proactive ones out there. This craft actually requires you to step outdoors, become one with the rain (word to Thoreau), and allow your child(ren) to do something that probably feels like trouble. If you live in the Delaware Valley area, tomorrow will be ideal as there will be some early afternoon showers with temperatures in the 60s.

Rain Painting


Paper plates (Chinet or more durable ones are ideal)
Food Coloring
White crayon
A rainy day

1) Have your child scribble some designs on some paper plates
2) Have fun sprinkling a few drops of food color on the plates
3) Get rain gear ready and step outdoors with the plates, ready for nature’s take on art

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