Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Know I Could Not Make This One Up....

While trolling the Internet last night, I came across the startling headline,

"Oregon Man Pregnant"

What was this? Had the gods finally answered the prayers of women? Would a man finally experience the trials, tirbulations, and downright pain of pregnancy and childbirth? Rejoice!!

Not so fast...the article was actually about Thomas Beatie, a transgender man from the Pacific Northwest who became a man only to be able to marry his longtime love, Nancy. The laws in Hawaii (where he was living at the time) prohibit same sex marriages and so he decided to change genders. Since his now wife, Nancy, is unable to bear children, he stopped his testoterone injections and began the work of getting pregnant.

Quite a story.

Realizing the issue of same sex marriages and transgender operations is a widely argued issue, I am just going to take the role of coward on this one and circumvent the whole debate.

I will say that the pictures of this man at 22 weeks are more than a little alarming and I just sincerely hope that whatever the circumstances are surrounding this birth, the baby is healthy, well cared for, and shielded from any type of publicity, political statement, or any negative exposure in general.

As for the hope that men will someday get the chance to endure the beauty of labor and delivery, for now I say we just insist they all endure some type of waxing on a regular basis.

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