Monday, March 24, 2008

The Leprechaun Trap: An Afterthought

Included in our recent celebration of St. Patrick’s Day was the leprechaun trap, a fun little device I created with my daughter in order to catch a leprechaun, or at least some of his chocolate-filled gold coins. The whole experience (the making and the catching) was all great fun, and probably a new addition to our list of annual traditions.

There has been, however, a small concern that has surfaced as a result of this latest scheme. It seems that by encouraging my daughter to “trap” a defenseless leprechaun, I have, in a roundabout way, instilled in her a slight thirst for the hunt. You see, as we prepared for the Easter Bunny to come and hide our eggs and leave us a basketful of treats, my daughter did not show the expected anticipation that marked the approach of Santa, but rather, a very earnest interest in capturing this runaway bunny.

“Mommy!” she said, “If we catch the Easter Bunny, we can get all his candy! We have to make an Easter Bunny trap!!”.

Oh boy.

I explained that the Easter Bunny was not one to hide and run away like a mischievous leprechaun, but that, if we met the Easter Bunny, he’d be happy to stay and visit, and also leave us lots of treats to enjoy.

I’m not so sure I was convincing.

And I’m also not sure what else to tell her. Do I admit that leprechauns aren’t real and risk impeding her wild and inventive imagination? Or, do I simply keep reinforcing that only leprechauns need to be trapped because they hide so well? And, if I go with the latter, do I then send a note out to the tooth fairy, cupid, and the Philadelphia Phillies (yes, she has a book about him and loves him dearly), giving them a head’s up that a little red head from Jersey is on the prowl?

And finally, what the heck do I do at Thanksgiving with Tom the Turkey???

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