Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Surprising Fact

According to Cookie magazine, 65% of moms polled say they dread going to the grocery store.

How could that be? I love to take my little ones to the grocery store as I consider it to be a veritable amusement park of fun.

Don’t believe me?

1) Grocery Carts: With soiled coupons, old food, and a plethora of germs all to be found within the confines of the cart, nothing makes for a better “ride”. The excitement of not knowing which cold they are going to contract is simply exhilarating.

2) The Colorful Characters: Until Erma behind the deli counter discovers laser hair removal, my daughter continues to enjoy asking aloud, “Why does the lady have a beard?”. Other animated characters can be found in the lobster tank, as well as with Jim the Butcher (“Look at that man’s pony tail!”), and, of course, Sheryl, whose commitment to eyebrow plucking is a wonder for all to see.

3) Sporting Events: Loading and unloading the groceries while trying to manage a motley crew is only surpassed by the inevitable wrestling match over getting the same participants in and out of the cart.

4) Colorful balloons: Never settling for your run-of-the-mill balloons, grocery stores provide balloons attached to plastic sticks!! Yes! Now your child can not only enjoy the fun of a inflated plastic, but the sticks allow for fun with spears: perfect for hurling, wacking, and stabbing.

5) Sugar galore: With the bakery section offering excessively sinful treats and the snack aisle promising paradise in a box, there isn’t even a need to visit the ever-growing candy aisle. Bright colors, imaginative pictures…how could your little one miss all the dental delights? And if they somehow do, there is always the checkout aisle that helps to finish out your trip.

Some mothers just don’t know how to have a good time.

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