Thursday, March 27, 2008

Damsel in Distress

Does anyone know of a good childrens book with the "boy who cried wolf" theme? My daughter loves to shout, "help, help, Mama, help" whenever she wants my attention. She even has mastered a pretty little southern drawl that has me thinking I'm living in Tara with Scarlett.

She better remember to thank me in her Academy Award acceptance speech.

***Side note: I realize there will be more than a few wiseacres out there who will say, "Gee, why not try The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Well, I was actually looking for something a bit more contemporary and relatable to her world. But thanks in advance to the ones who know who they are (their names rhyme with sawyertoy, trekkie, plebbie, screanie, and Sobert Smuttle).

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