Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In case you think your day is bad...

Whenever I am having a really tough day, I try to reassure myself that it could always be worse: I could have triplets enjoying their terrible twos, I could have some rare condition that causes me to grow excessive hair in new places (though, I wouldn't rule it out among postpartum surprises), or my family could have contracted the awful stomach virus that seems to be gripping our area.

Speaking of the latter, one of my favorite people has just survived quite an unpleasant experience (are they ever pleasant when vomit is involved?) and has given permission for me to share this little vignette:

After what seemed like hours of rocking, the mother had finally managed to put her newborn down for a nap and attend to her sick 2 year old, who was battling a fever, congestion, and more than a few instances of throw up. She cuddled with her on the couch, watched her favorite shows, kept her hydrated, and offered her all the comfort a sick-ridden toddler may need.

However, the time soon came for the baby to wake up, and the mother needed to peel herself away from the now content child to fetch the baby. As was to be expected, the toddler was not thrilled with the idea of giving up her human pillow and let her mother know it in the expected fashion: tears, screaming, and maybe even a little thrashing. The mother calmly explained that she would be right back, and the toddler obviously responded with more cries. Feeling a bit tested, the mother held her bewildered child and calmly reassured her everything would be okay, and again, she was met with more complaint.

Finally, she decided to gently lay her daughter down. She tenderly held her face and soothed, "I promise I will just be a minute. Wait here, and I'll be right back, okay?"

The agitated miss's response? She threw up all over herself.

Horrified over what happened and more than a little upset for her little one, she picked her daughter up, at which point her daughter threw up all over her.

It may have been the feeling of complete overwhelment. It may have been the sadness mixed with guilt all mothers feel when having to juggle the needs of more than one child. Or just may have been the awful smell that was now covering both participants.

Whatever it was, the mother, in turn, knelt over and threw up all over the floor.

After that, the mother did her best to clean herself and her daughter (who was suprisingly now calm), and raced up the stairs to the now screaming infant. Making the mistake of thinking the situation could not get any worse, the mother found her sweet little bundle of joy peering up at her from the bassinet, covered in poop after having the blowout of the century.

Proving once again: it can always get worse.

I just thought I'd pass this one along in case you thought you were having a tough day.

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