Monday, March 24, 2008

Absurdity Abounds

Special thanks to Amy Mahoney for alerting me to another wacky invention that would not only cause us to question the credibility of the manufacturer, but also result in more than a few therapy sessions for a future adults.

In case you missed her comment:

“Did anyone click on the add for the nursing bonnet? A must see, I think it was I am sure it will be horrifying enough for my sons when they someday learn that they sucked on, as my two year old calls them, "Mamma's Parts" to eat. Imagine their horror if they found it they did it while wearing an enormous, boob-tenting bonnet.”

Thanks again Amy.

Also (because I am officially obsessed with off-the-wall childrens products), let me present to you: the baby toupee.

Okay, so this particular product is not necessarily meant to be taken seriously, but it does beg the question: Halloween aside, what kind of parent would do this to their child? Yes, we all put our hats on them, funny sun glasses, and even arrange our little ones in hilarious situations, but who among us would spend good money to create our child in the likeness of Donald Trump? Bob Marley? Lil’ Kim?????

Needless to say, you must check out this web site just so you believe me.

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