Friday, May 2, 2008

The Votes Are In...

Since many of us are mothers, know mothers, or may have been even born by mothers, it is no surprise that some of the best films are inspired by the very common experience of pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery. It is a huge transition and, with so much change occurring in so little time, there is certainly room for a joke or tear at every corner (especially when most of the change occurs with your waistband).

So this week’s vote is about the best of pregnancy in film. Though there are many movies that focus or touch on this topic, few do it better than the ones on our poll (because I said so and I have absolutely no credibility). And to the winner….

A tie!! My choice, She’s Having a Baby, tied for first with Father of the Bride II. Both movies probably got the most votes because they effectively combine humor and drama in this very human experience.

I chose She’s Having a Baby because I think Kevin Bacon is adorable and believable as the bungling, conflicted father-to-be, because the ending and its respective song still makes me cry like a moron, and because I cannot resist that great, saxophone infused, cheesy 80s music instrumentals.

I did enjoy Father of the Bride II and that is mostly because it doesn’t matter if Steve Martin is playing an expectant father/grandfather, King Tut, or a jerk, he is hysterically funny. I did not vote for this movie, however, because nothing really stands out in my memory other than the plot.

Juno came in second and I bet that if I reposted this poll a year from now, after more people have had the opportunity to see it, it would earn more votes (hopefully because I’ve also managed to convince more people to read this blog). I have not seen it, but it is one of those movies I know I will like….which means I’ll have to watch it soon and give my review (again, because I have no credibility).

Coming in third is Knocked Up and For Keeps. I thought Knocked Up was very funny (thanks to Seth Rogen and his cronies) and if I could get over my dislike for Katherine Heigl, I may have voted for it too. As with the aforementioned 80s classic, For Keeps was also an enjoyable movie (especially since it is quintessential Molly Ringwald), but perhaps its cheese factor was a little too much for our lactose intolerant audience.

Finally, Nine Months came in last, having only garnered one vote. This may be a bit of Hugh Grant backlash, or the fact that most of the movie is about his character’s ill-treatment of his pregnant girlfriend (played by Julianne Moore), but the final scene of him dancing with his newborn to a Jim Morrison song is very endearing.

So there you have it….the winners come down to two films that effectively use their expectant fathers to create laughs, sentiment, and more than a few memorable scenes.

Now on to the next poll……

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