Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Something EVERY Parent MUST See...

My good friend Susan passed this video along to me and, as terrifying as it is, every parent should take the time to watch it. The video features a news segment in which the inadequacy of fire alarms to rouse sleeping children is revealed.

As a drill, a fire alarm is sounded in one home of four children (from baby to tween), and not one of the children wakes up despite the passing of three long minutes. The parents are greatly bothered, as we all should be.

The segment goes on to highlight a product that allows parents to record their own voices, yelling at the kids to wake up and, of course, it works almost immediately.

If we are talking about a significant fire, three minutes can mean the difference between life or death.

I must say that I not only found this troubling, but also not at all surprising. We recently had our home security system go off at night and my daughter did not even move. More shocking is that our security alarm is a lot louder than our fire alarm.

Most shocking is the fact that this finding isn't all over the news. I mean, my news programs try to reel me in every night with their sensationalism (What could be killing you at the grocery store? Why you should never leave the house when it rains! Cereal may cause Cancer..)

Why isn't this a lead story???

Oh, and I'm ordering the parent voiced fire alarm as soon as I am done typing.

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