Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Kind of Trophy

When you first lay eyes on your newborn, there is no doubt that your mind quickly turns to what the future may hold for your child. What will they experience? How will they develop? What accomplishments will they obtain?

And, in the deepest depths of their hearts, almost all parents say a secret prayer that their child may some day attain the highest distinction:

Winner of the annual Red Wing, Minnesota Mullet Contest

This year’s title went to 3 year old Brady Arneson who, with his triumphant win, has maintained the family legacy of winning hair contests and macking mullets.

According to the Grand Forks Herald:

It may be a fashion no-no, but Brady Arneson wears his mullet with pride.
The 3-year-old Red Wing hockey player recently took first place in the 2008 Minnesota Mullet Contest put on by Hockey Moms Magazine.

Brady’s business in the front, party in the back style is family tradition. His older brother, Blake, won the same award in 2005….
“They had that nice baby hair that we didn’t want to cut off,” [Brady and Blake’s father] Scott said. “But we’re going
to cut it off pretty soon and cool him down for the summer.”

Some thoughts:

1) What type of business does Brady do that requires him to keep his hair short in the front? Likewise, what kind of partying is a 3 year old doing that requires Rapunzel length locks in the back?

2) I had no idea that there was a magazine devoted to Hockey Moms, nor was I aware that soccer moms had some competition. Finally, do people subscribe to this publication?

3) Cool him down for the summer? Will they also be taking him to the groomer's?

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