Friday, April 25, 2008


I feel the need to post one final comment regarding “Take Your Child To Work Day”. This week has been an incomparably exciting week for my daughter. Not only did she get to go to work with her Daddy, he also took her to the circus the night before.

She was overwhelmed with joy as she watched the lions, elephants, and horses parade around the Spectrum. She was engrossed in the daredevil motorcycles as they drove in a sphere at high speeds. She was on the verge of a sugar coma as she consumed popcorn and a giant elephant sno-cone. And when they finally returned home, to be in bed at 9:45, I said a quiet prayer that she would sleep long to ensure her day at Daddy’s work would not be a cranky, overtired one.

She woke up at 5:56 am.

I wished my husband luck as they headed out the door with a Dora suitcase and Horton doll in hand. I again whispered a quiet prayer that she take a power nap during the long commute to help her rally a bit.

Again, no such luck.

However, when she returned home (having finally managed to catch up on some sleep on the ride home), I learned about all the excitement she encountered at Daddy’s office. She painted, she colored, she played chase, she cleaned, and she even made another friend in a co-worker’s son (shout out to Collin). Her excitement in retelling the events of the day could not be contained.

And as the day was winding down and she was enjoying a soak at tubby time, I asked her which she liked better, the circus or going to work with Daddy?

Her answer proved once and for all that the stock market is still the most thrilling ride in town.

That, or she just loved the fact that this day she got to spend some time with her favorite playmate and greatest hero.

**********And a sippy cup for the first person who can name that cartoon on the computer monitor.

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