Friday, April 25, 2008

For the Birds

Last week I posted about a dedicated (or delusional) bird that spent much of its morning trying to enter my back door. We were not sure if the sliding glass doors were confusing, or if the bird was interested in our family. We even considered the fact that the bird was a bit of a narcissist and just couldn't get enough of its own reflection.

Needless to say, my answer to the annoying pecks and taps was to hang a picture of my husband making a ridiculous face as a make-shift scarecrow.

A week has now passed with one clear result:

The bird is at my door ALL day, and clearly infatuated with my husband (who wouldn't be?).

My mother in law suggested we consult an ornithologist and, after I looked up what an ornithologist is in the dictionary, decided she might be right. Either that, or I am going to hang up a new picture of my husband smiling at some other bird and hope it gets jealous and moves on to our neighbor's house.

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