Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's A.......


After 10 months of patient and not so patient waiting, my little man finally has a little sprout. The funny thing about this is that the tooth that has decided to surface is not the one I've been staring at for the last two months.

The tooth that clearly can be seen under the gum, the tooth the doctor declared would come "any day now" (a month ago), still lies in wait while the tooth next to it came right though.

Kind of.

I was at playgroup the other day and he had just finished a plentiful lunch to satisfy his plentiful body, and he was sitting on my lap while I held a water bottle (yes, it was plastic, but it was provided to me by the hostess and I would never offend...). Anyway, he kept trying to gum the top of it and before I knew it, he had some blood in his mouth and on his bib.

He had broken his own gum.

After a wash and swipe of the mouth, it became clear that we may, in fact, finally see a tooth. Flash forward to the following morning... he was stirring from his morning nap and, as I went to take him out of his crib, he was actually smirking.

As if keeping a secret he wanted to share, I figured an examination was in order.

And there it was.

Good job, little buddy.

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