Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take Your Child To Work Day

This Thursday marks the annual "occurence" (not sure what else to call it since it's really only a holiday for stay at home moms), of Take Your Child To Work Day, where children get to see what it is their parents do all day when they are away from home.

Now, if you are a fireman, policewoman, circus acrobat, or ice cream man, chances are your child is going to love, love, love the day made especially for them.

Children of accountants, lawyers, or, ahem, finance guys.....

Hmmmm....not so sure.

As a result, you should really plan for the day so that (1) your child can have fun experiencing another world, (2) you can reap the rewards of spending a weekday with your little one, and (3) you will avoid providing plenty of material for the water cooler set who have lots to say about your parenting style.

My own daughter is looking forward to her first "Take Your Child to Work" day as both my husband and the awesome people with whom he gets to spend his day have planned lots of fun for her and the other children in attendance. I am told there will be picnics, crafts, office exploration, and even a movie on the big projector in the Conference room. With hope, there will also be no temper tantrums, no sugar comas, and no exploration that ends with the Stock Market hitting record lows and the dollar sinking further below the Euro on account of some kid getting a hold of some phone in the Jersey office.

So, in advance, I'd like to give a shout out to the incomparable Linda, Melissa, Jan, and Bea for planning what will surely be a memorable day.

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