Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Because He Needs To Know....

In a recent article, Dr. Michael Odent, an OB with decades of experience delivering babies, actually refutes the notion that fathers should be present at the birth of their babies. He claims that men actually create more anxiety and tension for their wives, and that we should return to the seemingly antiquated practice of keeping dads in the waiting room.

I think if you ask most women about their thoughts on this, they’ll disagree with the seasoned doctor. My husband was present at the births of both of our children and he was the picture of calm. For my first born, he stayed by my side, spoke to the doctors when I could not, and was unbelievably relaxed.

He was so relaxed, he managed to squeak in a nap after I received my epidural.

For my second born, he arrived about 30 minutes after labor began and, though I sang through the initial contractions, I remember feeling an overwhelming rush of relief when he hurried through the door. In no time, I was feeling more confident and the entire process suddenly became more manageable.

If you are expecting, and aren’t sure whether or not your man will make a good coach in the delivery room, check out the article featuring Dr. Odent at:

Also, consider the top 10 reasons why I think men should be in the delivery room:

10) For a guy who loves to show off his scars like a badge of honor, he may find himself suddenly humbled.

9) There is nothing as funny as watching a fish out of water...especially when he learns what it means when your water breaks.

8) You finally have the chance to tell him everything he has ever done wrong without having to worry about him arguing back (at least, not when the nurses are around to keep him in check).

7) Unless he delivers a record setting kidney stone, you systematically become the stronger spouse.

6) If you've been arguing about the name of your imminent child, one hour of true labor will produce one certain result: you win.

5) Suddenly, he'll have a whole new appreciation for his own mother, and women in general.

4) When those future arguments over who does more occur, you will always have the last word.

3) If your husband still considers the female form a bit of a mystery, consider this a crash course in Anatomy 101.

2) If you are hoping for an unbelievable push present, he’s going to need some visuals to make him truly appreciate just what you’ve done.

1) After having witnessed the excruciating pain of labor, or the vivid sight of your insides on the outside thanks to a C-Section, he subsequently loses the right to ever complain about having to do yardwork (or anything else, for that matter).

*Shout out to Melissa for sending me this great article, which was clearly written by a man.

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