Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Silver Lining....

Though it took me more time than I imagined to get back on my feet post-stomach flu, the passage of time has served its purpose, and also afforded me a new perspective on the 24 hour stomach virus. I always try to stay positive, look on the bright side, and consider worse alternatives when confronted with a less than desirable situation, and for that I give you:

The Top 5 Reasons Stomach Viruses Are Good (stay with me on this one):

5) Though I wouldn't recommend seeking a stomach bug out, after 12 continuous hours of throwing up, I am loving the weight loss. Can you say spring shopping?

4) I would never be one to keep score when it comes to matters of parenting, but it was nice to completely relinquish mommy duties for a twenty-four hour period. My husband got a brief taste of the daily grind and we're all better for it. Did I mention he left skidmarks in the driveway when it was time for him to go back to work?

3) When it comes to the terrible twos, a good day means only one or two mild tantrums, and the word "no" said under 100 times. Mommy's sickness, however, unearthered a maternal, compassionate side to my daughter that was so wonderful to see. She patted my head, made me a get well card, and even let Dora sleep in my bed.

2) Having spent too much time enjoying the view of my bathroom from the floor, I have finally settled on a paint color.

1) Now that my appetite has returned, food has never tasted so good...and given my weight loss, I can enjoy a few extra calories. That is, until all the knew spring clothes I intend to buy begin to feel tight. And when that happens, I'll just take advantage of a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.

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