Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

Between Karen, Jeanine, Danielle, and Amanda (and anyone who is good at keeping a secret), I have been inspired to write this latest post:

If you find yourself heading to a baby shower soon and the only things left on the mom-to-be's registry are wash cloths and the diaper genie, I have two favorite gifts that are invaluable to a new mother during those first few weeks:

1) A gift certificate to a credible cleaning service- When bringing home a new baby, most moms face an unusual dilemma: never have they wanted to have their homes more clean and sterile, and never have they felt less of to the challenge of keeping the house spotless. This gives them a chance to have someone take care of it until they find their rhythm.

2) Prepared Dinners- It seems like most babies decide to begin their daily fuss at the same time dinner preparation begins. They're winding down, you're distracted, and food is pretty important. For that reason, another way to make a mom's life easier is to send prepared meals for the whole family. Whether you want to send something little (less than $10 will get you 12 vegetable pot stickers), or a grander gesture (the $124 New Baby Sampler buys you several meals, as well as appetizers and treats for the constant visits from well-wishers), the great chefs at Artiko are a great resource.

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Who's your Mama said...

Great ideas!! I am overjoyed by the fact that I have inspired someone!!