Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Welcome to the world, Charles Michael!

Born yesterday (he's no April fool), his father is reporting that the little guy is, "Healthy and good looking- like his old man. Mom's doing great too."

Congratulations to the new parents of two, and to big sister Lily!

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Anonymous said...

From Amy "forgotten password" Mahoney-
Happy birthday to my new birthday buddy, Charlie. While I don't know you, we share a birthday so special good wishes to you. You will notice in your new life to come that hundreds of retail "offers" expire on March 31st. Therefore, you will never forget that that car deal, contest entry, or reduced-priced appliance is best purchased on or before your big day. In addition, you will probably be one of the only kids in your class who could have his birthday party canceled by a snow storm one year only to bust out the slip-and-slide with your buddies the next year on account of the fact that Mother Nature is particularly fickle on 3.31!