Monday, March 31, 2008

It Just Takes One Idea...

Despite the more commonly quoted adage, I happen to think that motherhood is the mother of invention. It seems that every mom I know finds herself saying,

"My life would be so much easier if I they'd make...."

Or, "If I could invent something that would...I'd be a billionaire."

We've heard so many of the unbelievable entrepreneurial stories as well. The entire business that is Baby Einstein was developed by a mother who was frustrated with the selection of developmentally and culturally rich products available for early learners. The result: she is now has a billion dollar enterprise and is still gaining steam. My friend Susan just mentioned a great idea (which I will not divulge) that would be a huge success. The problem is, where do you begin?

How do you get a patent?
How do you develop a model or prototype?
How can you trust that the investors you pitch it to won't steal your idea?
How do you take the whole idea from your head to the homes of millions?

It is actually very involved, but not at all impossible. The biggest hurdles require lots of paperwork, research to prove the success and marketability of your idea to investors, and following the process carefully and diligently.

If you do think you have an idea, you should pursue it. Clearly, the baby industry is booming and there is simply no reason you shouldn't reap the rewards like everyone else.

For a great site, and step by step advice on starting your own business/ developing a product, check out:

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Anonymous said...

This is Amy "I forgot my password for good" Mahoney.
I have an idea, but I am afraid it would make the onemaidamilking hall of shame of baby products. Our darling one-year old Patrick has adopted the fabulous habit of the midnight poop. A few times a week, he presents us with a dirty diaper some time between 12 and 3am. Now, we don't want to let him cry himself back to sleep while soiled, yet we CERTAINLY don't want to go in and interact with him if it is a false alarm. I want to invent a button that you press to pipe the smell of his nursery into our room so we have the proper evidence before tending to our little guy.