Friday, March 21, 2008

More wacky baby products...

In keeping with this week's poll of useless baby products, I thought I'd post this absurd device that is as ridiculous as it is disturbing. The above image illustrates "The Baby Hanger", a medieval device that is used to secure babies to the back of a bathroom stall door so parents can attend to their scatological* needs with greater ease. The baby actually hangs out, obviously staring at you, while you attend to your business.

Are you kidding me?? Among the many crazy things I could point out about this contraption is:

(1) I can't imagine most kids would enter into this willingly. I imagine arms and legs flailing with one inevitable result: the door will swing wide open for all to see both your private affairs and the new means by which you've chosen to torture your baby.

(2) Of all the things you have to lug around (the entire contents of your diaper bag/suitcase, stroller, baby bjorn, grocery cart cover, and so on), where in the world will you stow this little device?

Wrong. wrong. wrong.

*I've been looking for an excuse to use that word

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