Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For the Mothers of Tweens

If you have never heard of Hannah Montana you either have no children designated as “tweens” (adolescents between the ages of 8-12…not yet teens), or you are unconscious. For those of you who know her so well you break out into hives at the mere mention of her name (parents of tweens, of course), you already know that she is not only the star of a wildly successful show on the Disney channel, but also the daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” infamy, Billy Ray Cyrus. You are also well aware of the fact that she operates under two names: Hannah Montana (her character) and Miley Cyrus (her stage name), which has caused a great deal of confusion for this just boarding the Hannah Montana train.

What you may not know is that this young girl (15) actually also operates under three monikers, until today that is. The ingénue actually was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. She adopted Miley Ray later on when she determined that she’d follow in her father’s footsteps in search of fame and credibility. Well, as of today, she is now legally Miley Ray.

I know. You’re so grateful I cleared that up.

In addition to enlightening you on an important cultural event, I also wanted to point out what a terrible name I think Destiny Hope is. I may be way off on this one, but isn’t it a bit of a paradox? If you believe in destiny, then hope becomes pointless. Why hope for something predetermined?

And speaking of pointless…some of you may be wondering about this posting. It’s just another example of celebrities naming their children badly. Pilot Inspektor, Heaven Rain, Banjo, Ever, Story, Dragon Tales and so on and so on.

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