Saturday, March 22, 2008

More wackiness...

It seems the more I search for crazy baby inventions, the I more I realize how many absurd items are out there. The above is the ultimate necessity in childcare: potty mitts. These disposable hand covers are for children new to the world of toilet use, who may rely on direct handling of the toilet seat to properly perch themselves (as well as land a proper dismount). This mind-boggling invention (comparable to the light bulb and microwavable popcorn), is made in the interest of preventing the spread of germs in one of their favorite places to fester (do germs fester?..that may be inaccurate....I'm sure lawyerboy will let me know).

I actually happen to know a little girl for whom these would be perfect, but that is less about germ warfare and more about gymnastic form (shout out to AF....when you can read).

Given the endless thirst for anything that will make our lives as parents more convenient, I am certain I will have more for you throughout the weekend.


SuttonPlace said...

Did anyone click on the add for the nursing bonnet? A must see, I think it was I am sure it will be horrifying enough for my sons when they someday learn that they sucked on, as my two year old calls them, "Mamma's Parts" to eat. Imagine their horror if they found it they did it while wearing an enormous, boob-tenting bonnet.

SuttonPlace said...

Make that!