Monday, April 6, 2009

A Milestone That Won't Be In the Baby Book

While heading home after some fun outdoor play with our favorite neighborhood playmates (shout out to the Bobadillas), my little man decided to stop to inspect some interesting break in the concrete sidewalk. He actually struck a straddle with hands planted on his thighs as he leaned over in his inspection.

My daughter, grumpy over having to leave her buddies, was sulking with arms crossed and brows furrowed, completely unaware that her brother had stopped.

His arms never had a chance to break his fall.

Tasting concrete is not a milestone I was looking forward to, but it arrived with horrible imagery that included cartoon like blood spurts and slow motion progression.

I was horrified, both kids were screaming, and my husband remained an hour away.

Scrambling to get both kids cleaned up while trying to assess the severity of the fall, I did what all moms do: I transitioned into crisis mode.

It's weird how that calm, methodical thinking and movement takes over. How you suddenly make decisions quickly inaccurately, despite traditionally being an overthinker. It is something I had experienced as a teacher and have since had a greater awarenss as a mom. Olivia and the strawberry is a horrible post for another day.

We actually ended up in the ER. It may have been an overreaction since it really just came down to a really nasty split lip and some nose bruising, but clumps of blood coming out of the nose and all the recent news reports about weird head trauma made the decision an easy one.

So, special thanks to Salem Memorial for being so wonderful (and fast!) and a general shout out to all the mommies and daddies who have to confront the worst pain there is: those of your children.

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