Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Thought I Should Mention...

The people who "rented" us the black, blue-eyed bunny at Tractor Supply Company COULD NOT have been nicer.

I was so forelorn when I arrived Tuesday morning to learn that the expected delivery of chicks had not come in due to the cold, I actually considered buying one to have Easter morning so O and Joseph could still experience them when they did come in. The long cozy bins lined with soft chips, baby water bottles, and heating lamps were all ready for the littlest arrivals...but, alas, they remained empty.

When the woman apologized (apparently she had already gotten 20 or so calls that morning from eager chick owners) she didn't realize I was there for a school party, and introduced me to the bunnies. I had already seen the rabbits, but the baby "bun rabs" (farmer lingo) were brand new.

There were three of them all nestled on top of each other for warmth and companionship.

I blurted out my desire to borrow one for the day and the woman looked at me like I had three heads. She didn't think she could, having never done it before.

I told her I would just buy the $15 Q-tip and return it later in the afternoon with no intention of looking for my money back. I also told her how happy she'd make 12 little three year olds if she let me.

She grabbed a box, threw in some wood chips, and told me to tell the kiddies Amber says "hi".

Needless to say, you can still see, pet, hold the bunnies at the store (while also letting your kids sit on some pretty cool tractors....Joseph's favorite thing to do); and, come Saturday, you might get a chance to enjoy some chicks too.

Tractor Supply Company is located just off the intersection of 40 and 45 (next to the Wawa, across from the ACME) in Woodstown. If you want to see if the chicks have arrived, just give them a call at (856) 769-7284.

There are also cute farm-related toys and kid apparel including an adorable shirt that reads, "Will trade sister for tractor." ---Joseph will be getting one, along with Charlie Engelien for his 2nd birthday.

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