Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Danny Gokey: Missed the performance while getting lost in the after-dinner dishes....the recap looked like a train wreck.....can that be? I love Danny.

Kris Allen: How dare they say such things about my man....even if there is some truth to it. Not his best.

Lil Rounds: A great imitations....would have liked to just hear her sing, and not her best Tina Turner impresison.

Anoop: Completely missed his performance while my husband checked the Phillies game. He sounded good on the recap....loved the cardigan.

Scott McIntyre: Is that a guitar? Is he singing Journey? Is that Paul and Julie's wedding song? Are my ears on fire?'s just awful.

Allison Iraheta: I don't think she realized the words she was singing at's a really sad song; not a didactic one. Either way, she's still my favorite and a true talent- just not her best night.

Matt Giraud: Loved it....smooth, sexy, and exactly what he should be doing every week.

Adam Lambert: His talent is simply undeniable....drat!

My Top Three:

Matt Giraud
Adam Lambert (gasp!)
Allison Iraheta

Headed for See Ya:

This is a tough one, because Lil may have used up her last life, but I'm picking Scott.....

Realization of the Night: I am really old. Why is everyone born in the 80s?

Awkward Moment of the Night: Paula calling Ryan "Baby". Ick.


Anonymous said...

Talking about your realization about feeling old with regard to high school students were born in the 90's.....
I feel old everyday here!!!


Amanda said...

Danny's performance was pretty good. Hated Lil and Scott. Loooovvved Matt. Missed Adam b/c the judges talked too much about themselves in the beginning and the DVR cut it off. I am so maaaadddd!
I was too very depressed after hearing the birthyears. I was surprised also that Scott was born in '85. He sings like he was born in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Adam but Simon gave him a standing ovation. That never happend before. Danny was very good and got pretty good remarks from the judges. Kris was wonderful though mash pit around him was too much. And I feel REALLY old. I think it will be Scott or Lil going. Lydia