Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Easter Party

After having a last minute brainstorm resulting in the scouring of every farm in South Jersey for one little chick, the Easter party (which none of the 3 year olds will likely remember) was a great success.

Every moment was planned by two former teachers and one very laid back mom (the former 2 felt the pressure of their profession, while the latter helped to remind us of how much we were overthinking a kid party), except the surprise guest.

And it wasn't a chick....apparently, the cold snap prevented most stores from receiving their Easter order. The surprise guest came care of Tractor Supply's Company's willingness to rent us a very tiny, very soft baby bunny!

The kids loved it, held it, and had their pictures taken with the little fluff ball. What's more, O got the added excitement of taking the black baby bun home for Joseph's nap, after which we would return it to the store.

That was the hard part.

I would never, have never wanted a rabbit for a pet. They're too much work, they smell, and there's the whole pellet thing. BUT, he was soooooo cute and soft that for a moment, just one moment, I wanted to keep him.

That and hearing O talk to him.

"You are so beautiful, aren't you? I love you! What's that? You don't want to go back to the store? You want to stay and live with us?"

Clearly, her mother's manipulative genes have been successfully passed on; but, alas, he went back to his brothers and sisters and O was only appeased with promises to visit him and the soon to arrive chickadees.....


Amanda said...

Did you know you can litter box train them? I'm going to put suggestions into O's ear next time I see her. hee hee

One Maid A' Milking said...

Not only that, O's teacher said they were actually able to train their bunny to jump through the dogggy door from their garage to their mud room.

It was so cute....but I think we're just going to visit.