Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Brother Abroad: A Not So Compelling Conflagration

Here's the thing about flag burning...I could care less about it. If people want to light a match and put it to Old Glory....then, light it up--- your action speaks volumes.

I know that may be surprising coming from me, but I believe with all my heart that the least among the things that make our country great are the symbols. The flag, the Eagle, a monument, a pledge....they are all things that I attach great emotion and significance to, but that's only because they represent so much more. We are a nation of pioneers, industrialists, soldiers, philosophers, poets, dreamers, and, most importantly, survivors.

Having said that, if someone believes that burning a flag is going to make some statement greater than their apparent need to gain attention through shock value in lieu of more compelling actions, then go right ahead. But with the match, you actually lose the message, don't you?

The following clip could not contain more symbolic elements in regard to our nation's identity and history. A flag, a fire, baseball, and a diverse assembly. And I love what the player does, choosing to take the flag and not the fist. I love that these two men, so intent on spreading their message that they break the law while attempting to break somes spirit, also get peacefully escorted off the field....their purpose deflated as a greater message prevails.

Love to hear some thoughts on this one....and I agree, this was one of the greatest baseball moments.

And this is Day 75.

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