Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Votes Are In....

Since last night found me watching the season finale of The Bachelor with eyes firmly affixed to the television and my husband cursing me for ever roping him into the After the Rose program, I can no longer say the show should be off the air.

I had not watched this abomination since Andrew "tire boy" Firestone was in it, having grown weary of the contrived situations and cornball avowals despite the wonderful bevy of crazy characters I loved to make fun of. Unfortunately, The Bachelor sat firmly between two of my favorite shows and so, I ended up watching just to pass some time....and got a little hooked.

Needless to say, what a bunch of bologna that show is. If you happened to watch it, the final night proved many things to me:

1) No wonder his first wife left him
2) He ranks right up there with Octomommy for proper parenting (let's introduce a 3 year old to a revolving door of emotionally questionable women!)
3) Television producers really do think we're all idiots (for both watching and believing that the whole thing was not a set up)
4) That the fact that I allowed myself to watch this show means I need to forget glasses, and just gouge my eyes out already

Having said that, last week's vote earned the show a third place ranking behind Dr. Phil and anything with the Osmonds, which tied for first.

My vote went with the Osmonds since the sheer sound of their voices sends me into uncontrolled fits similar to that old urban legend involving Mary Hart and an unfortunate little girl.

Real Housewives of Everywhere came in fourth validating the age old adage that money cannot buy happiness, or taste, or brain cells, or common sense, or respect, or........

Finally, American Idol only had one hater, which means I will continue with my weekly analysis tonight!!!

On to the next vote.....

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